Saturday, February 11

Recently I Have Mostly...

  • I got new glasses! The last pair snapped after I stepped on them in a half-asleep haze, and of course because they're vintage they couldn't be repaired (even after I tried during a lesson on conserving museum objects).
  • I've set myself a new Goodreads challenge - 12 in 12 this time, just so I don't feel as big a failure as I did last year. 
  • I watched the Superbowl. Hah, yeah, right. I watched Twitter all night until it informed me that Madonna was on. I thought it was a good performance (despite the fact that I hate her new song), at least it was good enough to make me consider watching American Football. Obviously I didn't, but it's the thought that counts.
  • I signed up to Netflix, because it's not like I don't already spend too much of my free time watching films/tv. I had Lovefilm for a few months, but cancelled it because I got tired of waiting so long for new releases (I believe Inception was the straw that broke the camel's back). So far Netflix is, interesting, the film choice is quite limited, but they have quite a good selection of television programmes, so I'm amusing myself with those for the time being (namely Arrested Development, Coupling, The Thick of It, Secret Diary of a Call Girl and The Rachel Zoe Project). I probably won't renew once my free trial is over, but I'm enjoying it nonetheless.
  • I have been sticking my fingers in my ears, to ignore the negative press about Lana Del Rey. In doing that I have formed my own opinion on her album 'Born To Die' (currently obsessed with this song), perhaps more people should try it.
  • I also found The Movie Stills Collection whilst hunting for websites that screencap films. The difference with The Movie Stills Collection is simply that they screencap the opening (and sometimes, closing) titles. It's really simple, but strangely addictive looking through all the images, from 1900 to the present day.
  • I attempted to organise my jewellery. I say attempted, as after seeing this on Pinterest, I had extremely high hopes. Of course the reality isn't quite as exciting as the pin - most of my jewellery pieces are now in large tupperware containers. I think I'm definitely entering the right type of job, as I had quite a lot of fun organising them into separate piles!
  • We went on another trip with uni, this time to Sheffield Millennium Galleries , Graves Gallery and Weston Park Museum. With it being just across the road from my old uni, I have been to Millennium Galleries quite a few times, it was however my first visit to Weston Park. I'll fill you in, on my trip a little later, hopefully.
  • As museum students we have learnt that museums aren't just about the objects, they're about the entire experience, so we must never forget to check out the facilities, of course that meant a trip to the cafe and the shop (three times), and I couldn't resist buying a new necklace and a Little Doodles greetings card to frame.

What have you been up to recently?

Have a great weekend!



  1. ~ I also don't like the new Madonna song. I thought she looked uncomfortable performing it.
    ~ I need to keep the whole museum experience in mind. We usually run in and out as fast as possible, and that's not how it should be.
    ~ I still heart your glasses!

  2. * I haven't enjoyed Madonna's new stuff for a while (since Ray of Light), I would be so happy if she just went around performing her old stuff.
    * It's interesting that you say that (at least from my perspective) - if you're running in and out, then perhaps the museum's that you visit aren't creating exciting/interesting environments for you to want to experience. Ultimately, I don't think there is a right or wrong way to experience a museum or gallery, it's more to do with however you feel comfortable engaging with your surroundings.
    * Thank you, I've definitely feel like they look more settled on my face now!


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