Sunday, March 25

Details in the Fabric #1

(l-r) 1. Backpack and coat, vintage, from my mum; Dress, Cow; Shoes, Kate Kanzier. 2. Shirt, Judy's Vintage Fair; Skirt, bought about 10 year ago at Camden Lock. 3. Cardigan, Muji; Shirt, vintage (from mum). Skirt, Primark (which I took in about 4 sizes, and removed pockets)

I know I don't do outfit posts very often, but as I've said many times, I find the typical blogger images - staring into camera's trying to look whimsical and pouty - a little trite and quite fake. I'd half-heartedly committed myself to not doing any outfit posts until I found a way to make them interesting, or at least make it that I don't get the urge to roll my eyes whenever I see my own face. So, now we have this. I'll see how it goes. Bonus, you can't see my face!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

(and yes,  know I broke my rule of not posting on Sunday, but I got confused yesterday, thinking it was Friday. So, not only have I lost and hour with daylight savings, I've lost a day!)


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  1. GREAT colors and textures in that 1st photo.


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