Tuesday, March 20

Recently, I Have Mostly...

Top Row (l-r): 1. Red Riding Hood Puppet Theatre, Pickford's House, Derby. 2. E.R (Elizabeth Regina) sign near The Collection in Lincoln. 3. Train ticket from 1951 - 9.45 Leeds to Glasgow. Found in my copy of Vanity Fair.
Bottom Row (l-r): 1. View from Nottingham Castle. 2. The Tobacconist shop at Black Country Living Museum
3. Me using social media during an, incredibly boring, lesson on social media.

Happy March! 

The daffodils are out, I've seen a few lambs and I (very briefly) went out without a coat, that can only mean one thing - it's Spring! 

About time really.
So, what springy delights have I been up to recently? Well, prepare to be disappointed.
  • More than anything else, recently I have mostly been swamped with university work, hence the blogging absence. Although, I haven't been swamped to an unbearable amount, sometimes the best thing to do is to turn off Twitter, sit in a corner of my room and just spend a couple of days solid, just doing work. Thankfully, it's paying off with a steady stream of good marks!
  • I went to another vintage fair. Nottingham's Affordable Fair this time. Of course I got distracted buying things and forgot to take any pictures, but I will try and show pictures of my purchases ASAP.
  • Thanks to all my work, I'm already behind on my reading challenge! However, after a lot of public transport trips, I'm nearly finished with Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I'm a big Jonathan Safran Foer fan, and I had wanted to read this before the film came out, but upon hearing that the film is terrible, I've been a lot more relaxed in reading it. 
  • I've visited a few more museum-y places, as you can see from the above images, which I will try and write a little bit about in the coming weeks.
Of course, I'd love to pretend that I've been doing incredibly exciting things to validate my absence, but alas, I can't.

I hope you aren't having as uninteresting a time as me, have a great week!


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