Saturday, May 26

Details in the Fabric #2: A Bit Brash

(l-r) 1. Shoes, Juju Jellies from Schuh. 2. Chain Necklace, Topshop (similar). Name Necklace, Rock 'n' Rose (similar). T-Shirt Dress, Misguided (won through What Olivia Did). 3. Jeans, Topshop (similar). Striped Top, H&M (similar). Nails, Models Own 'Top Turquoise'.

I would apologise for the absence, but honestly you should be outside making the most of the weather (even if you have exams)! I am currently two weeks away from finishing University, so am spending my time working on my exhibition and applying for jobs (keep your fingers crossed)!

It's sunny, warm and lovely here in the UK, almost in time for Jubilee Weekend (hopefully it'll stay this way until next week). I've finally put away the last of my cold weather clothes, and have dug out all my summer things. Especially my Juju Jelly sandals!

Are you as obsessed with jelly shoes as I am? If you were a girl in the 90's you probably had a pair of jelly shoes (I had the silver glitter kind), but I completely forgot how comfortable and versatile they were, until I bought my first pair of Juju's with my Schuh staff discount in 2007. Now I have five pairs, and am planning on buying more!

Is there anything that you can't live without during the summer months?

Hope you have a great weekend!


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