Saturday, May 5

I Like Your Style: Kourtney Kardashian

So, if my last 'I Like Your Style' was surprisingly controversial (I got a lot of messages from people telling me they didn't like Sienna Miller), then I'm sure this one won't please too many people either. However, unlike many, my opinion of the Kardashians™, isn't quite as strong.

 I've never hidden the fact that I watch reality tv (not a lot, but not a little), so I won't hide the fact that I watch/have watched on occasion 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians', and I couldn't really say I dislike any of them (at least any of the three Kardashian sisters); Khloe is very funny, Kim is, well, Kim, but very pretty and in my opinion Kourtney has the best style - she also holds the dubious honour of being the only person who I've seen/heard about giving birth, that hasn't scared me half to death. 

But back to Kourtney's style. Having watched the show I know that the sisters share a lot of their clothing and yet somehow, they dress completely different. Where Kim favours the 'bombshell' look (to the nth degree), Kourtney always looks a lot more simple, choosing basic pieces, with either a pop of colour/print or interesting accessories. Occasionally, as with all the Kardashians, she may err on the side of 'tacky', but I'd be lying if I didn't say that every now and again I do too (intentionally so).

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(Apologies for the considerable break in posting, I'm extremely busy with my last month -aagh - of my MA, but I'm trying to schedule some posts right this minute.)


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  1. I love her style so much!
    I watch the Kardashian's all the time, and love all of them! But prefer Kourtney's style to any other <3


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