Tuesday, July 10

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Nottingham Castle Museum and Gallery

So it's been quite a while. I'd apologise, but I'm not really that sorry for taking a bit of a break. 
A lot has been going on in my life since the last time I posted, I mostly just want to get back to a routine, so let's get stuck in!
  • I've finished the taught part of my Masters now, just my thesis left to hand in at the beginning of September. I almost expected to be scared or nervous at this point, going into the unknown world of 'proper jobs', but I'm incredibly excited! I feel a lot more prepared and confident in my abilities than I did when I finished my undergrad degree; I genuinely love working in museums and galleries and I can't wait for the next stage of my life. 
  • I've had a bit of family stuff happening - some good, some not so good - which is one of the reasons I've welcomed the break. I shan't go into detail about the bad, but one of the good things is that I'm now an auntie, which is a bit awesome!
  • Back to the regular nonsense. I've watched a few films (obviously when I say a few that means quite a lot). For a detailed list of the films I've seen you can look on Flixster, but two of my favourites that I've watched recently are 21 Jump Street and Zombieland. Obviously Zombieland came out around two years ago, so most people have seen it, but it was one of those films that I never got a chance to see when it first came out, and I really enjoyed it. I watched it on Blu-Ray, so felt a little nauseated with all the blood and general zombification (nobody should have to witness their biggest phobia in Zombie form - Zombie Charlie Chaplin), but generally I loved it. 21 Jump Street on the other hand came out reasonably recently and I had no intention of watching it, then I got bored and watched it anyway and yeah, I loved it. Seriously, it's hilarious and surprisingly the most funny part of the film is Channing Tatum. It just adds further proof (ahem, She's The Man) that he should give up the dramatic/dancing roles and stick to comedic roles (dancing roles such as the one seen in Magic Mike are allowed, that is all kinds of alright).

  • My biggest guilty pleasure is, of course film related, watching a film on DVD then watching it with the director's commentary straight after. Last week I did this with my Scott Pilgrim DVD. Scott Pilgrim has three separate audio commentaries, that's right I watched Scott Pilgrim four times in a row. I am extremely proud of this accomplishment and not ashamed at all. After watching the DVD that many times, naturally, I got the urge to start reading the comics which I am now doing thanks to my lovely sister.
(more after the jump)
(NSFW: Clip from Girls episode 7 - Welome To Bushwick)
  • TV wise I have become obsessed with Girls (as have most people, I believe). I'd heard a lot of buzz and controversy about the show prior to seeing it, but I'd also never seen any of Lena Dunham's work (if you get a chance, watch Tiny Furniture, also by Lena), so I approached watching it in a kind of skew-whiff way. Upon first viewing it took a while to get used to the honesty, for want of a better word, of what you are seeing. It's not just that it's quite sexually explicit, but it's the lack of 'polish' to the show. Every single character is incredibly flawed, none more-so than main character Hannah Horvath (played by show writer Lena Dunham). I've seen the show being compared to Sex and the City quite a bit - four women, living in New York, very distinct and separate personalities, having relationships and a lot of sex. But the biggest difference between the two shows is that with Sex and the City despite the women's flaws and stupid decisions you were expected to believe that they were fantastically glamourous and fabulous. Whereas, with Girls it feels like you're supposed to think that sometimes they are terrible people making silly mistakes, who are not at all fabulous. At least I hope that's the point. If it's not Lena, I can only apologise!
  • Musically, I am currently obsessed with Childish Gambino. Childish Gambino is possibly best known as Troy from the American comedy, Community  (which I also love). Apparently, he's been rapping for a while, but I only discovered this about a month ago, luckily he released his new mixtape Royalty, last week so you can catch up too (you can find it here)!

My first favourite Childish Gambino song (before it changed daily). Do Ya Like, which samples Adele, it's also NSFW.

  • A quick note about the tab to the right of this page titled 'Sponsors and Friends'. I have toyed with opening up my site to sponsorship, depending on my mood I think it's a good idea, other times, not so much. As of right now, I'm reasonably flexible, if I'm contacted (ohsuchaprimadonna{at}gmail.com) regarding sponsorship I will certainly consider it. For the time being the only thing being featured is a friend's Etsy shop filled with gorgeous found objects, which I'll hopefully be doing a feature on in the near future. So definitely check out Give Over.
  • Lastly, I received a lovely package in the post from Terri-Jane, it came on a day when I'd had a very bad day at uni so it cheered me up immensely. So, thank you Terri-Jane!


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