Monday, August 13

Helen Green, Illustrator

I very rarely get to do arty/illustration posts, not because I don't find much to inspire me, but because I find so many that I want to post about. Both as someone, who wishes they could draw (or at least had the confidence in my own abilities) and as someone who has spent the past year learning to curate exhibitions, sometime art is all I feel like blogging about, and believe me with the amount that I have queued to write about, I really could!
Helen Green is a UK based artist, currently studying illustration at university, Helen's drawings feature various current pop culture icons, the most notable of which probably being Lady Gaga (she was even tweeted about by the lady herself).
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Helen primarily uses biro and watercolours to create her prints. As with a lot of my favourite illustrations, I love the simplicity of her illustrations, which lead to a more striking final product. 

Although, I have to say, my most favourite of Helen's pieces are her stitch drawings, which can be found in her Tumblr archive. The loose threads and raw edges really add another layer to her drawings. 

You can find more of Helen's work at the links below.
All images used with the permission of Helen Green

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