Sunday, September 23

Recently, I Have Mostly...

Shall we just start with the most important thing? 

On Wednesday 19th September, I handed in my MA Thesis. 

After months of worrying, researching, various trips to the Women's Library and some very late nights, it's finally finished. I did have a little doubt whether I actually wanted to do the thesis (and cut my course to a PGDip) or extend it a little bit, If I'm completely honest I wish I had extended it at least a year, but I suppose hindsight is a wonderful thing. I'm really just relieved that it's over and like I've said previously, although I'm sorry about the lack of blogging, I'm not sorry that I took the time off to focus.

Aside from that, I have actually managed to fit a few other things in, so let's see shall we?
  • Actually, whilst still on the subject. As you may have worked out from the picture above, my thesis was on the representation of women in museums, whilst doing research I spent time visiting exhibitions on women in museums and galleries (as far as my railcard would take me). One of the exhibitions I saw was The W Project's Super Woman installation at TATE Tanks. Although it was a one day event, you can view the online version here, but also make sure you read a little about the organisation as it seems like a really great project. (Website - Tumblr - Twitter - Facebook)
  • As you can imagine, having spent most of the past couple of months sat in my room on my computer, I have been watching a lot of films and listening to lots of music. In terms of films, I have been updating my Film List religiously (actually surprising myself how consistent I am), but I wanted to share a couple of songs that I have been obsessed with recently. 
(l to r) 
Shades of Grey - Delilah (MJ Cole Remix); Misha B - Do You Think of Me

(l to r)
Tegan and Sara - Closer; Adele vs Daft Punk - Something About the Fire (Carlos Serrano Remix)

(l to r)
Frank Ocean - Forrest Gump; Lana Del Rey - Blue Velvet
  • My work has also been interspersed with (oddly) watching a lot of stand-up comedy shows, it's safe to say that I have now watched so much Argumental that I have developed a bit of a crush on Seann Walsh (I think it might be the hair), but my two new favourites have to be Daniel Simonsen and Dana Alexander.

(Both videos contain NSFW language)

  • It's Autumn! I'm so happy, Autumn is my favourite season - the colours, the clothes, the food and my birthday! I love wrapping up warm and going for walks in the park just as the leaves are starting to turn, but I also love curling up with a book at home. I've also spent a lot of time baking, as my 'de-stresser' baking really helped when my thesis got a bit too much (it's also meant I've had a chance to edit my cookie recipe a few times).
  • The H&M PR team have been working some serious overtime promoting the new Autumn collection, which features Lana Del Rey in the campaign (and the song above). I honestly can not wait, if not simply because I will be devastated if I don't get the pink angora jumper that she wears in the main campaign image.

Happy Sunday.
Have a great final week of September!



  1. Yay, you're back!! Congrats on handing in your thesis :)
    I am so desperate for the angora Lana jumper - my local H&M don't have it, so I may have to venture further afield. I think I'm going to buy the printed leggings as well. I can see this collection being bad for my bank balance.

    Terri-Jane xx

  2. It's good to be back! Thank you, it feels good to have handed it in!
    I love the H&M Autumn collection so much, I really want the floral leggings too and the grey dress, and the shoes, hah! I don't think it's in stores until October, but some pieces seem to be sold out on the website. :s


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