Friday, October 5

Details in the Fabric #4: Safety Net

(Red coat as seen here, Topshop (similar); Green Jumper, Gap Kids (similar); Leopard Print T-Shirt Dress, H&M (similar); Desert Boots, Next (similar); Bag, Vida Vida (similar)
Do you ever feel like you're stuck in a bit of a fashion-rut? Wearing the same clothes, day-in, day-out? Not even bothering to construct 'outfits', let alone take pictures of them? Don't worry I'm not trying to sell you something, it's just how I've been feeling the past few weeks. Hence the slight change to my usual 'Details in the Fabric' post; if you look closely, those with a keen eye will notice that it's the exact same outfit!
I'm not sure why exactly I'm in a rut, partly it's because I have so many clothes that I now have all the clothes, partly because I'm not too inspired by what I'm seeing in shops and partly because I want to actually make use of my 'Crafting' board on Pinterest and actually make some clothes! I have however found that if all else fails, go for your tried and tested favourites - my red coat, leopard print, a geography teacher jumper (it has elbow patches), desert boots and my Vida Vida satchel.
Do you have any fail-safe outfits or favourite pieces that you always turn to and know will turn out just right?

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