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My Style Icons: An Unreal Continuation - Nancy Downs

My Style Icons: An Unreal Continuation
Part IV: Nancy Downs
(The Craft - film)

The Craft was a sleepover staple in the late 90's - early 00's'; a supernatural, teen, horror film focusing on a group of five misfit teenage girls casting spells, making potions and conjuring curses - I don't think I know anyone who didn't attempt light as feather stiff as a board after viewing this film. Although, I'm not sure how many also wished they went to Catholic School, like I did, after seeing some of the outfits they wore. Of course as most know if you're going to be inspired by anyone in this teen coven, you might as well go full-on dark witch and be inspired by Nancy Downs.

Nancy Downs (Fairuza Balk), as she would say, is the leader of the group. As the one who craves the most power and most enjoys being an outcast, Nancy thrives on her reputations and grows ever more powerful and intoxicated by her own magical abilities. 

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Whilst the other characters become witchier, as their passion for the supernatural grows, Nancy starts the film already fascinated by the occult and dark magic, which is illustrated through her heavy black eyeliner, leathers and gothic paraphernalia. Even as the group become immersed in their spells, whilst the other's appearances become earthy in style, Nancy only gets darker; with heavier layers of black clothing, darker makeup and wilder hair in a darker tone.

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