Friday, November 2

Lookhit Fashion Festival

Being a blogger in Nottingham is kind of difficult, in terms of visibility and access to blogger type events (as far as I know, I could just be a really rubbish Nottingham blogger). Any invitations that I get are for London based events/companies, which I don't have the time or the money to go to. For those not familiar with Nottingham, or even those who are, we have a pretty good cultural 'scene' (Robin Hood, Paul Smith, DH Lawrence),  and even as one of the eight 'core cities' in the UK , it's all still a bit rubbish or incredibly cliquey. I don't know if the fashion students find it to be a different experience, but as a 'cultural' student I didn't feel quite as embraced by the community.
Which is why I was so surprised to be contacted by Lasharna at Lookhit, to attend the Lookhit Fashion Festival in Nottingham last week. is a London based online Fashion and trends magazine dedicated to empowering young brands and reinforcing the concept that Fashion is a form of art and self-expression. Determined to enrich the fashion industry by promoting and encouraging authenticity and genuine creativity, will usher in a new era of inclusive fashion. (LHFF) is the very first step in a very colourful direction.
The day began with the Lookhit Street Stylist Competition, which gave two students the opportunity to win a contributor position at Both entrants presented their interpretation of Autumn/Winter trends, using their own clothes and sourcing from friends, charity shops and the high-street. The winner of the competition was Evie Stothert, a Fashion Communication and Promotion student from Nottingham Trent University. You can find out more about the competition at the Lookhit website, and you can find out more about Evie if you visit her blog Fashion Bones. I absolutely love Evie's sportswear/Hip-Hop inspired style, anyone capable of making me want to buy a pair of trainers is a well deserved winner!

The event concluded with the Fashion as Art catwalk show, which was a presentation from five up and coming designers. I really enjoyed the diversity of the designers chosen - womenswear, menswear, knitwear, with differing inspirations, uses of textiles, textures and colours - you could tell a lot of work and research had been put into the selection process. 

The designers featured were; Charlotte Brown, Chelsea Bravo, Charlotte Booty, Fazane Malik and Tassel Ying. All of which were great and had some really strong pieces, but my personal favourite was Charlotte Booty. I love her use of colour and textures, it was fantastic to see the way the fabrics moved on the catwalk.
I had a great time at the festival, it was a brilliant opportunity to meet local fashion students, bloggers and people in general. It would be great to see it return to Nottingham next season. Hopefully the team can work out a few minor first-time kinks to continue to build and deliver a really positive and exciting event to Nottingham. With the fashion history and community that Nottingham has this is a much needed beacon.
Further Information about Lookhit.
Menswear Website

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