Friday, November 30

Recently, I Have Mostly...

  • I bought a new camera for my birthday, then I got ill and ended up spending a week indoors taking photographs of the cat (Leeloo).
  • I spent most of last week preparing blog posts, writing job applications and watching the various music channels. As a result I'm a bit obsessed with a couple of songs that seem to constantly be on repeat. Oh, also UK lovelies Losing You by Solange is this week's free iTunes download, so don't miss out, it's very good!
  • Also music related, Lana Del Rey was on Jools Holland singing Ride. I tried to get tickets for when she comes to London next year, but they sold out super quick. So disappointed! People love to criticise LDR's live performances (and LDR in general), but as you know I really like her and her music, and I really enjoyed the performance.

(a couple more after the jump)

  • I finished my Goodreads reading target, and I kept on reading. I just finished Me Talk Pretty One Day, a collection of short essays by humorist David Sedaris. I know I said I was trying to read a few more serious books, but I always find that I relax more into books with a funny side; I particularly enjoy reading collections of essays, so if you can recommend a few more, it will be greatly appreciated.
  • I got new cookery books! The only recipes I've tried so far have been sweet treats for others, but I am trying to expand my repertoire to things I actually eat (I definitely have a savoury tooth) like mains and breads.
  • I'm planning a few vintage themed posts. I've never been a huge shopper, but when I do, more often than not I shop vintage, for homeware, clothes and well, anything really. So, I'll hopefully feature a few of my local vintage shops and collections of 'stuff'.
  • A few of my new favourite blogs. Always love a men's style blog, this week's discovery is Dapper Lou. The Bake-Off final three (and obviously the best contestants overall) well deserved winner John, Shetland jumper wearer James and disco dancing Brendan. And a previous winner for extra measure, Edd Kimber.
  • Finally, I am obsessed with these YMC Red Mary Janes. The combination of the words 'red' and 'Mary Jane' is absolutely perfect for me, two of my favourite things. Although, at £195 I think I'm going to have to wait for Santa to get them for me (think I'll be waiting a while).

Have a great weekend!


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