Monday, December 17

Details in the Fabric #5: Seeking Warmth

Coat: Vintage, Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair; Scarf: Primark

If you live somewhere where it's warm at the moment, I very much envy you. I'm convinced that Autumn gets shorter every year, because despite what the calendars may say, I think we may be in the throes of Winter. Also, like most, I've been unable to shift a cold the past few weeks (mentions of the weather and sickness in one paragraph, how disappointingly English). As a result I've desperately been trying to work out which of my coats is the warmest, or 'just right' and so far this one is winning.

Bought for only £10 at the Nottingham Affordable Vintage Fair last month, despite the fair being a bit disappointing on the whole, this was definitely a fantastic find; lined with what I describe as teddy bear fur, it is so cosy in the cold!

A few more warming things that I love;
1. 'Oh Hello' mittens from a thread - $24
2. 'Owl Ready to Go' mug from Modcloth - $11.99
3. The 'Leeford' Hat from Aubin & Wills - £29


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