Sunday, January 27

Taking a Breather.

You may have noticed that it has all been a little quiet around here since the New Year. I have been trying to put a number of posts together for the past couple of weeks, but my mind has wandered here and there so much, that I thought it was best just to take some time away. 

I have always been an incredibly guarded person in my personal life, only letting those around me see or know the parts that I allow. Which has always been the thing that I struggle most with when writing my blog; I want to be honest and share so much and yet, I feel like I need to keep something for myself. Even writing this feels like I'm saying too much, though I haven't really said much at all. What I'm trying to explain is that I'm not taking a break for the usual mundane reasons (like I broke my computer, or my internet isn't working, or because of uni work). I just didn't want to desert my blog, without  some sort of an explanation, no matter how vague. 

I'll be taking some time to appreciate who and what I have in my life. This may take a couple of days, weeks or a month (and I should add that I am in rude health).  I just need a bit of breathing room.


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