Tuesday, February 26

Details in the Fabric #6 - Comfort and Colour

(left to right) 1. Red Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt c/o Cow Vintage (similar) ; 2. Slippers, borrowed from my uncle with super small feet!; 3. Quilted Paisley Skirt - JW Anderson for Topshop.

In all honesty, most of my time over the past few weeks has been spent back and forth between my home and my grandmother's house. As such, I've not really been too fussed about dressing up (or even looking in the mirror before I leave the house). Thankfully, the lovely people at COW Nottingham piked that super comfy Micky Mouse sweatshirt especially for me, which I now pretty much live in (whilst also borrowing my great uncle's moccasin slippers). I did, however manage to slip out and have a look at the Topshop sale and picked up that amazing JW Anderson or Topshop quilted silk skirt, for £15. Pretty proud of that particular purchase!

A couple other fashiony bits:
  • The craft projects that I plan on doing are definitely outweighing the craft projects that I have done, but I do still really want to try making this book clutch project on Sprinkles in Springs. You can find a few more of my 'to do' projects on my 'Crafting' Pinterest board.
  • Similarly, I really want to try making my own jersey dresses, because I wear them so often. For now, however, do love this orange one and this polka dot one from Topshop. 

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