Wednesday, February 20

LFW Favourites - Autumn /Winter 2013

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Giles Deacon's work, regardless of what is going on with other designers, he always produces something different and unexpected. I mostly love that with every Giles collection you get the impression that his biggest client is someone like The Snow Queen or Rapunzel. 

Clements Ribeiro
I loved that this collection from clean lines and minimalism to super flowery details, very 90's in its simplicity.

Moschino Cheap and Chic
I liked this collection, mostly because it's my staple look on regular basis - big wooly jumpers, mini skirts and leopard prints. I'm also still trying to venture past my bedroom door with black lipstick on.
Sass & Bide
Is that not the perfect shade of yellow? The answer is yes, yes it is the perfect shade of yellow. I know the combination of black and yellow is a pretty common one, but it works fantastically. And the geometric lines, also perfection. Have I mentioned that I loved this collection?

House of Holland
Love the 70's style prints and colours at House of Holland. As far as printed fabrics go, personally, if you can make a pair of curtains out of it, I'm probably going to try to wear it.

Paul Smith
I definitely appreciate the simple wearability that Paul Smith brings to the separates in his collections, but I really like the colour combinations of each look - particularly the pink/purple/red look.

Tom Ford
Technically speaking this should be super tacky - leopard print, black lace and bright floral beadwork - but it completely works. I love that it looks a bit like a modernised version of Blanche from Golden Girls, I love the brashness, I love the detail, but at the same time I love the simplicity of the bits in between, which is what I think stops it from being overkill.

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