Wednesday, March 20

Just a Little Note: Film List 2013, so far.

Just a quick note to let you know that I'm still keeping my 2013 Film List updated. 

So far I'm apparently continuing on from last year, by making my way through every film that came out in 2010. I'm trying to make it past 100 (unique) films this year, so naturally I have figured out how many films I need to watch each month to reach that target (approximately 9 per month).

So Far:
Favourite New Release:  Wreck-It Ralph, like most Disney films of this ilk, it's super sweet and heart-warming. I also loved playing 'name the popular computer game character' with my brother and sister.

Least Favourite New Release: This is 40, this was like watching someone else's parents arguing for 2 hours (note - why are Judd Apatow films so long?), and the eldest Apatow daughter is incredibly irritating, somehow whiny and shrill at the same time. 

Favourite Overall: The Art of the Steal, I have been wanting to watch this for quite a while now. For anyone interested in the art/museum world this is a truly fascinating look at the behind the scenes politics and issues of cultural institutions, and the commercialisation of art. For more information about The Barnes Foundation, which is featured in the film have a look at this article on New Republic.

Least Favourite Overall: This is 40, yeah, see above. Not that it was worse than American Pie: The Reunion, it's just that I expected American Pie to be terrible.

What's Next?: Bottle Rocket and Rushmore, the only Wes Anderson films I haven't seen (and inevitably loved). Spring Breakers, what can I say? The marketing worked, I'm intrigued as to what an 18-rated film starring Selena Gomez might entail. I'm also going to try to work my way through the rest of my unseen Oscar/BAFTA nominated films - except for Les Miserables, which I think I'll be fine not watching for a bit.

Oh, also, I couldn't not mention the Veronica Mars Movie. You would not believe how excited I am about that right now. This time last year I'd never heard of Kickstarter, now I've backed two different film projects (the other being Beyond Clueless).

Is there anything that you think I should have watched by now or anything that you watched recently and loved? I would love your film recommendations.



  1. Les Mis is definitely not worth the time, trust me! I found myself scrolling Twitter on my phone for the majority of it as I was that bored!
    I actually made a blogpost on Les Mis which you should check out! You'll find it at

    1. I have had the book on my to-read pile for quite a while, I feel about as excited to read that, as I am to see the film. Meh. Watching the trailer was enough for me!


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