Sunday, March 3

Pondering Personal Style and Olympia Le Tan

I try really hard to not spam you with images during the fashion weeks, I tend to stick to the London shows (where I can gush about Giles) and the odd menswear shows, but I felt compelled to share images from Olympia Le Tan's (of making gorgeous book-like clutch bags fame) second showing at Paris Fashion Week (A/W 2013). With this collection, Olympia Le Tan is single-handedly encouraging my desire to dress like a character from Grimm's Fairytales. 

Since turning 25 I have felt that I should perhaps start dressing a little more 'sophisticated', I suppose, or at least that I should stop dressing like a child (or children's character). Seeing this collection however, I think affirms the idea that you can dress whimsically, without it seeming like you're playing dress-up; Because don't get me wrong, I can dress in slightly more grown-up attire if need be, but I love to have a capricious attitude to my style. Someone asked me recently who/what inspires how I dress, and that answer really is as varied as my style icon posts - whether a rock and roll legend, the starriest of film stars, experimental pop stars, street style, menswearfilm sets or indeed, fairytale characters.

Olympia Le Tan on Tumblr
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  1. he he - love how some of these outfits are themed on fairy tales!

    Be great if you could check out my latest post on my: Boohoo Global Styler #GlobalStyler entry & birthday in Manchester.

    I am also running my 1st blog giveaway here where you could win MAC, Jewellery plus other goodies.

    Thanks! Charlie xx | UK Fashion Blog


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