Tuesday, March 5

Recently, I Have Mostly...

The past couple of weeks, I have been like the popular saying about ducks in the water; at face value I've been reasonably relaxed - tea and cakes and cuddling the cat - but my brain is currently working overtime thinking and organising a million and one things. If it's possible I'm feeling both energised and sleepy at the same time. 
  • My newest obsession is Choco-Cinnamon flavour Yogi tea. I bought it on a whim in Sainsbury's,  when I felt like a change in flavour of tea (my go-to flavour is blueberry and acai berry). I love cinnamon tea, but wasn't sure what to expect from the addition of cocoa. This tea tastes amazing, and the boxes/stringy-bits have yoga poses and inspirational quotes that make you feel like you've done a bit more than just have a cup of tea.
  • Adding to my collection of copies of Vanity Fair, I bought the copy above in the Waterstones clearance section. I have been wanting that particular copy for a while now, so I was pretty delighted to pick it up on sale. 
  • Terri-Jane and I are having a two person blogger meet-up in May, when we go to see the Northern Ballet's production of The Great Gatsby. Yes, I know what you're thinking - I'm not a big F.Scott Fitzgerald fan, but I have vowed to read it this year; partly because I really wanted to see this ballet and partly because I can't not see a Leo DiCaprio/Carey Mulligan film.

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  • Speaking of ballet, I finally watched Black Swan, because so many people did the "Oh, my goodness you haven't watched..." thing to me. It's incredibly dramatic (and I don't mean that in a complimentary way, nor an insulting way, it just is).  Plus, I'm not a fan of Natalie Portman. I didn't dislike it, I just think there was a lot more drama than there was plot. (see where I'm up to in my film list here)
  • Regular TV update: I am obsessed with Nashville (Thursdays at 10pm on More4), seriously, obsessed. At first I thought that I loved it in a trashy television show way, but now I am engrossed, so much drama. Generally speaking, Hayden Panettiere grates on me, but I'm even enjoying her. I am also pretty obsessed with the soundtrack, I have listened to most of the songs almost every day in the past couple of weeks. Also, also (for viewers) my mind was pretty blown when I discovered that the actors who play Scarlett and Gunnar are Australian and English, respectively. 
"A friend told me this story that she had a friend who was at the airport, and there was a cute guy waiting on a delayed flight near her. He had headphones on and was watching Game Of Thrones. In the past, would he have been bored and struck up a conversation? Maybe? But we’ll never know, because he had his goddamn headphones on and didn’t even see her. We just isolate ourselves with all this media, and we might be cutting ourselves off to amazing experiences."

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