Tuesday, March 12


Let's not call it a 'haul', it makes me feel like Santa Claus.

Just a quick post to share some of the 'stuff' I have bought recently. Fun fact, all but one of the things pictured cost £5 or under, can you guess which thing?  

1. Dear Greenpeace by Simon James (Oxfam)
I picked this up in my brother's local Oxfam bookshop. Dear Greenpeace was definitely a childhood favourite, so the second I saw it in Oxfam, I knew I had to buy it. I loved the idea that I could send multiple letters to Greenpeace, if it was necessary and that they'd send me a timely response.  

2. Paisley Tunic (Indigo, M&S) 
Another Sheffield Oxfam find (for Sheffielders, the one on Eccy road). I'm slowly growing a collection of this type of thing - printed tunics, just long enough to wear as a dress in winter with wooly tights or with leggings in the summer. It feels sort of silky (although it's not), is super lightweight, plus I love paisley print. It's the sort of thing that makes me wish it was a little bit warmer.  

3. Necklace and Earring Set (Rio, Sharrow Vale Road, Sheffield) 
Yes, I've spent a bit of time in my old Sheffield stomping grounds (I used to live just off Sharrow Vale, my brother now lives about 20 minutes away from there), although I have to admit I barely went to Rio whilst living round the corner from it. This jewellery set caught my eye whilst walking past the window last week, after a split-second of 'umming and aahing', the magpie nature in me knew that I had to have it. Of course they aren't real diamonds, but you know what they say "fake it, until you make it". I want to wear these everyday, whilst purring and posing like Elizabeth Taylor.  

4. Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger (Oxfam)
Confession, I have never read this book, but I do plan on reading it eventually. In the meantime, however, this book smells so good, it smells like what I imagine getting locked in a library overnight smells like. It's also an original copy from the 1950's and there are few things better than a vintage Penguin Book  

5. Sewing paraphernalia (John Lewis) 
Love is the John Lewis haberdashery department. With a mum who studied fashion and textiles whilst I was growing up (you can visit her blog here), an inordinate amount of my childhood was spent in the aisles of John Lewis' haberdashery department - counting buttons, stroking ribbons, hiding behind fabrics. I think having such a creative mum has made me a bit lazy, because the pile of things for mum to sew, make and do for me never actually seems to reduce. So, last weekend I decided to spend a little time buying things for me to actually do my DIY jobs, myself! I bought buttons, embroidery needles, leather needles, embroidery loops, hook and eyes - honestly, the list goes. I have only gotten round to sewing a few buttons, repairing a coat sleeve and practising my long forgotten embroidery skills, but watch this space! 

6. Ceramic Bee Box 
Despite being terrified of wasps (never been stung, never intend to be), I've developed a bit of an obsession with bees. Perhaps it extends from my childhood concern for animal welfare (mentioned above), but hearing that they are endangered makes me feel like I should be doing something to help them. Although, this wasn't created as part of the bee campaign (it was bought from another Sheffield charity shop), I love the bee print and it's the perfect size for keeping all my rings in. Read little more about saving the bees here or treat yourself to Neal's Yard Bee Lovely collection.  

7. Red Nose Day Bubbles 
Because nothing makes me happy as fast as blowing a few bubbles does. For more Red Nose Day stuff go here.  

8. Vintage Brown Leather Bag (Hopkinson, Nottingham
This was a gift from my mum, who is one of probably three or four people who buy gifts that I really and truly love. I know you're probably thinking that it's not very difficult to choose a nice, simple brown leather bag, but shopping for someone as fickle and fussy as me, is definitely a skill unto itself. It actually has a medium length strap that makes it a bit awkward to carry across-the-body (which I prefer), but it's perfect for nights out, and actually looking at the photo, I quite like it as a makeshift envelope clutch.  

9. From Season to Season by Sophie Dahl 
I buy a lot of cookery books, at least one a month. Although most tend to be baking books, I do go through phases; there was the nigella phase, the soup phase and now I'm the slightly simple phase, which Sophie Dahl fits in to perfectly. Admittedly, her BBC show was rather dubious (I think I called it a day when she melted chocolate and called it a recipe for chocolate sauce), I actually really like the rustic simplicity of her dishes, made even better by the fact that her recipes in both her books (this one and Miss Dahl's voluptuous delights) are split into seasonal sections. 


  1. I love Catcher in the Rye, your copy is so lovely and worn looking eep! I'm glad you bought the bubbles, I have a red nose and was considering the bubbles or the stickers. I love a bit of tat xxx

    1. Unfortunately I tend to juge books by their cover, so I think I'm more likely to read it now! I bought the pin too, but I think I'm going to have to get the triceratops nose! x

  2. Love the bee box, typical it's from a charity shop and i can't pick one up. What the dear greenpeace? I've not heard of it?

    1. The bee box was such a great find, it's my new favourite thing! Dear Greenpeace is a children's book about a little girl who finds a Whale in her fish pond, so she writes to Greenpeace to find out more about Whales and how to take care of them. It's a really sweet book.


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