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A Vaguely Accurate Depiction of What's in My Bag (and a Skittles Darkside Review)


I did a 'What's in my bag' post on Flickr a very long time ago; seven years ago to be exact, whilst doing my A-Level exams (you can see that image here). I like comparing and contrasting the earlier image with these ones, of all the things I carried around then, I only still carry the compact mirror (obviously I still carry the basics water, tissues, etc just not the exact same ones). 

I am a bag lady of Mary Poppins proportions so this might take some time! 

Bag, Pull & Bear: So I should probably start with the bag I carry all my stuff in, which is from Pull & Bear, bought after about 10 minutes of deliberation in the Oxford Street store last Easter. The photo doesn't really do it much justice, but it's neon pink (my favourite colour) and see-through. I love it; other than my cat, I don't think I've ever stroked something so often after acquiring it. I'm always quite surprised by Pull & Bear, I think I manage to find a piece I love every time I visit and the prices aren't incredibly scary - always worth braving Oxford Street for. 

Business Cards: (for want of a better word) these are for when I go to blogger events or if I'm wandering around taking a million photos at awkward moments. All they have on them is my full name, the blog address, email and twitter username. I remember first making them (with my printer and some card) and feeling a bit silly, but I have actually given out a few, they have come in surprisingly useful. 

Gloves: These are mum's, she has a lot of gloves. I know nothing about them other than, that they are brown and very warm. 

Purse: Yes, that's a Wizard of Oz purse. A 21st birthday gift from my friend Roscoe, possibly one of my favourite gifts I've ever received (sorry everyone else). It has definitely seen better days, but I love it, and despite the fact that it's a bit tatty and worn, I still receive lots of compliments about it. 

Notebook, Paperchase: This notebook is one of many, but this one is my favourite. It was was originally my exhibition notebook in preparation for my final course exhibition, now it contains all sorts of arty notes about exhibitions I liked, didn't like and those I want to remember for the future. I'm incredibly fussy about my notebooks; I like when they are small enough to easily be transferred between my bags. I prefer them plain, with ruled pages and this one from Paperchase is perfect, I have three! 

Pens: The black pen is a Screen Yorkshire pen, I acquired it whilst I was volunteering with the Sensoria film festival in Sheffield. The pink one is from the Women's Library, I bought it because it's my favourite colour, despite the fact that you can only use pencils in the library. I actually hate using biro - at my primary school we were only allowed to use fountain pens with black ink - but I have conceded on the fact that a biro can be a lot easier than a fountain pen sometimes. 

Phone: You don't have to look closely to realise it's a pretty old iPhone - it's an iPhone 3G (no 'S'). I am getting a new phone in a few weeks, but I have to admit I'm reluctant to part with this one, it's a bit of a fighter. My phone has survived falling onto/into various surfaces/substances multiple times (water, concrete patio tiles, the back of a boiling hot radiator, on top of a mildly warm radiator screen first, mud...), the screen has also smashed (yes 'smashed') twice - the second time being within two days of being fixed the first time. Seriously, I love this bruised and battered little thing.

Skittles Darkside*, Cybercandy: If at any point you see someone other than me rummaging through my bag it'll be because they are looking for sweets, usually Skittles (family/friends, not strangers, they would be criminals). If I don't have sweets in my bag either I'm sick or I'm on my way to buy more. Obviously there are different sweets for every situation. For example: Juicy Fruit chewing gum and Polo mints are for when you don't have change for the bus. Whereas lollipops are fantastic for university lectures due to longevity. Skittles however are an everyday sweet, obviously if that is the case Skittles Darkside are probably for every day you feel a bit 'edgy'. This particular packet was sent to me by the lovely Lulu from Cybercandy and with Skittles being my favourites I was particularly excited to receive them. Skittles Darkside are exactly what you expect from a packet of Skittles, but with a few interesting new flavours (blood orange, pomegranate, forbidden fruit and dark berry), it also contains blue sweets. What is it about blue sweets that make them both curiously unnatural and disgustingly delicious? I realise that's an oxymoron, but I mean, blue sweets themselves are probably an oxymoron themselves, they also make my tongue change colour, so win/win. They taste a lot sweeter than the UK versions (I don't know if they actually are, anyone?), but the bonus of that is that they lasted a lot longer than they normally do! 

USB Stick: Not just any USB stick, but an official Sheffield Hallam USB stick featuring the not very well known SHUby. I helped my friend out at a Hallam Alumni conference and was given about 5 of these (on the same day I also won a bottle of wine and an Itunes voucher, in two different raffles). It doesn't fit a whole lot on it (this one has my CV and a couple of writing samples), but it's pretty handy to carry around. 

Cosmetics Bag, Paperchase: This and the notebook betray my obsession with wandering into Paperchase whilst waiting at train stations. It was originally bought as a birthday gift, but I ended up buying the person something else, so I could keep this. 

 (The contents of my cosmetics bag are after the jump) 

Kleenex Blotting Tissues: Not essential but I bought them because they were on clearance in Sainsbury's (for 50p), and they have lived in my bag ever since. 

Vaseline: What did we do before Vaseline came in these mini tins? I bet Vaseline can't believe their luck with these things. I mean really, it's just petroleum jelly in a tin isn't it? This laissez-faire attitude to lip balm is probably why I'm not a beauty blogger. 

Asthma Inhaler: Pretty self explanatory. 

Spork: I am that person who carries plastic cutlery around with me, because you never know. I think this originally came attached to an M&S dessert. 

Stylfile, Sainsbury's: Probably better known as the nail file designed by the Tom the Inventor off of The Apprentice. This was the series I wished I was a gambling woman, because I said from the very first episode that Tom Pellereau was going to win, and I was right. I did however also know from the second he mentioned his nail file invention that I was probably going to buy it, and there it is. I should also add that the travel version comes with a spiral carrying case so it doesn't scratch anything important in your bag. 

Black Hair Bobbles, Sainsbury's: I only use black ones, simply because they are the same colour as my hair. I'm quite heavy handed when using them, so I go through a lot. 

Benetint, Benefit: For when I'm feeling a bit pasty. I don't normally use Benetint, I actually have a normal sized bottle of Posietint that I use all the time, but this mini bottle came free in a a magazine and I liked the portable size of it. I'll probably refill it with something once it's empty. Compact Mirror: This was a gift from my mum, it's an old makeup mirror that I assume had some sort of make-up powder in it, but is now empty. 

Various other lip balms/glosses, M&S and Boots: The deep red one is from M&S, bought in the sale because I liked the colour. The pink lipgloss is Lancome Juicy Tubes, I love it because it smells like sherbet. The lip balm with the lip print is cherry scented and a gift from my mum; she told me she bought it from Boots, but I have never heard of the brand nor actually seen it in Boots. 

Cherry Blossom hand cream, L'Occitaine: As you can see, it's nearly finished, but I'm still trying to squeeze out the last few drops and I love the smell. I'm not really a big fan of floral scents, but this one is quite light and fresh. 

Hand Sanitiser, Wilko: I carry this around for two reasons. Firstly, for the same reason as the spork. Secondly, I'm a bit of a 'germaphobe' as far as touching things goes (in other cases, not so much - I make very liberal use of the five second rule). I have used a lot of different hand sanitisers, but this is my favourite mostly because it smells like berries. 

Bee Lovely hand cream, Neal's Yard: Part of my current bee obsession. This hand cream is actually really good - not greasy, doesn't dry out too quickly and leaves hands feeling soft for a long time. The smell is a little over powering for me (I was hoping it would smell of honey, but it smells of oranges), but I still really like it despite the smell. 

Natural Collection Clear Nail Polish, Boots: For touch ups to both nails and tights. I love how cheap Boots' Natural Collection is. 

Eye Paraphernalia: Eye drops, contact lenses and spectacle cleaning cloth. All for seeing purposes. 

Lip Marker, Topshop: The most temperamental lip marker I have ever used. It can't put it on over lip balm and it stops working intermittently. When it is on however I love the colour (Parade, which is a pretty classic red) and the fact that it stays for such a long time. 
Balsam Tissues, Kleenex: Both grandmothers taught me to never leave the house without a tissue, I choose to carry several at one time. 

Not pictured 

Macbook: The fact that my laptop fits in this bag is a wonder in itself. Every time I put it in and mange to do the zip, I'm a little bit suprised. I don't always carry my laptop, but when I do this is where it goes. Tote Bag: For impromptu shopping, of course. I have quite a few, but at the moment my favourite is the V&A Fashion tote. Museums and galleries are pretty good for tote bags, they are usually reasonably cheap and have limited edition designs based on temporary exhibitions. A friend of mine actually makes cushion covers out of al the exhibition bags she buys. 

Book: I always carry a book with me, even if it's one at the bottom of the stairs on my way out the door. I'm in between books at the moment, having finished Lolita over the weekend, I'm just trying to decide what I'm in the mood to read next. 

Water: Or a drink of some kind; if it's not water it's normally Ribena or M&S Raspberry and Rooibos Tea. Miscellaneous 

Rubbish: Yes, I toyed with the idea of taking a photo of the pile of rubbish I threw away before taking these photos, as with most people, it would not be my bag without old receipts, bus tickets, exhibition leaflets and sweet wrappers. 

Kitchen Sink: (every thing, but) Yeah, you wouldn't be that surprised would you? 

(Items marked '*' were provided for review, however as always all opinions are completely my own. I don't think anyone else would want them!) 

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  1. I always have sweeties too! Such a sweet tooth. I want skittles now.


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