Tuesday, April 2

Matt Needle

How awesome are these film posters by Matt Needle? 

These particular posters first caught my eye, of course, whilst on Tumblr, and I completely fell in love with his series of 'stuff arranged neatly' inspired posters. I love highly detailed films/tv, where every aspect of a character's personality is thought through and presented in their surrounding spaces (the first thing that comes to mind is Matthew Weiner's exhaustive background research for Mad Men). So I love the idea of, 'if my favourite character emptied their pockets, what would I find'.
"I am inspired by the minute and insignificant things I see around me and I strive to create beautiful, meaningful, complex and often bizarre pieces."
After discovering so many of his posters on Minimal Movie Posters I couldn't resist clicking through to his website and shop, where he has quite a few more wonderful posters.

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I love seeing fan made film artwork, you can always tell when they've truly enjoyed and appreciated the film that they're creating a poster for; recently, studio made film posters look like they've been made by someone who has never seen the film or has only watched the trailer. There rarely seems to be much thought or artistic consideration put into their design, which is why love finding talented designers like Matt Needle who clearly has a passion for his work.
"I am Abstract in my means of communicating ideas, not because its 'trendy', but because I want people to really think about and analyze what they are viewing. I am not happy unless I am creating by some means."

Needle Design and Illustration
Matt Needle on Twitter
Matt Needle on Tumblr
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  1. I love these, I want one can't decide which movie though!

    1. How great are they!? In my final year of uni I had a wall in my flat completely devoted to film posters (I lived on my own) like a cinema and it was the best. I would love a few of these to recreate that. I'm currently trying to decide between Jawbreaker, Drive and Moonrise Kingdom (to start), but I'm definitely aiming for a bit of a collection!


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