Wednesday, April 17

The Incredible Chore of Being an Indecisive Glasses Wearer; and Other People's Opinions

I have a brother who is three and half years older than me, he is a bit of neat freak. When we were younger everything he owned was kept in pristine condition and everything he owned had very specific places to be. Like most parents do, with children reasonably close in age, my mum and dad would rarely buy something for my brother, without buying the same thing (or something similar) for me; Of course you'd never be able to tell that they were the same thing. Once I remember my mum buying us each new toothbrushes, I think it was when the toothbrushes with the flexible heads first came out. Within the day I'd somehow managed to snap the toothbrush in half and repair it with bright green electrical tape (I'm a big fan of repairing things with electrical tape). My brother on the other hand, well I'm sure if you asked him, he'd still be able to find his toothbrush in a box marked 'Old Toothbrushes'. If you lined everything similar that we have owned since childhood, you'd be able to tell which was mine  by the cracks, splinters and electrical tape.

So, I'm sure most people who know me, know where this is going - I broke something. This feels a little like telling my mum I broke a vase (by the way mum, I probably did that too). I broke my glasses, the second pair in two years. My name is Safiya, and I'm a clumsy person. There are at least three things that I hate having to buy and glasses are one of them (the other two are bras and jeans, obviously). It's a pretty big commitment buying a pair of glasses. There is nothing that I own, that I wear more consistently or more often than my glasses - I put them on when I wake up in the morning and take them off just before I put my head down on my pillow (although I have been known to sleep with them on after a long day). There's just so much choice - what colour, what brand, what frames, what material? It's amazing the assumptions that people make when you are wearing glasses; I've had people ask if they're real, have had people say that they make me look younger/older, unattractive and fat. Don't worry I've had people say nice things too, it's just that people seem to enjoy offering negative opinions about things that have nothing to do with them. But then there's the fact that I only see my glasses in the mirror, in pictures or when they aren't on my face; perhaps I should be a little more open to what other people tell me about them. 

My Broken Glasses

Then there's the problem of where to buy your glasses. I've had three different pairs of glasses since I started having to wear them when I was 15 (10 years ago). The first pair were bought from my opticians, the second two were vintage and a gift. So now I'm at that odd point where I have to shop around for glasses; Is there anything worse than having to shop for things you need? I have been with my current optician since the age of about 6, so do I buy from him (a private optician who will charge me through the roof); Do I give in to TV advertising and look at high-street opticians' BOGOF offers? Or do I venture into the scary world of online sellers? Why don't they teach you this sort of thing at school? It's terrifying! Luckily, I'm reasonably sure about the style I like; as someone who was fascinated by switchboard operators in old films and Janine Melnitz in Ghostbusters (cartoon and film version), I like retro styles - thick rims, cat eyes, that kind of thing. Although these sort of styles are reasonably on trend at the moment, I'm still not finding much of a selection in my optician's office or on the high-street, so at the moment I'm tentatively searching online in the hope of finding what I want.

A selection of my favourites from around the internet after the jump.

I think I have a favourite from each site (Brea, Marilyn, Emily, Tom Ford). I'm also strangely drawn to the Versace pair, and love the idea of having a pair of glasses called Doreen. So, what do you think? Any fellow glasses wearers that have a little advice or recommendations? Any non-glasses wearers that want to offer their thought or opinions? I'm all ears (and squinty eyed).


  1. Love the Tom Ford ones, I really want a thick rimmed, cat eye pair some day. I know my opticians will put your prescription into any pair of frames that you bring in, a friend got hers in H&M and they fitted them in.
    Just a thought :)

    1. I had a gorgeous pair of cat eyes, but I broke those too! Thanks for the tip Mel. I was in H&M today looking for sunglasses, it never occurred to me that the optician would be able to do that!


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