Tuesday, May 7

Making a Spectacle of Myself

I feel a bit of a fraud getting all excited about the weather, when right this second I'm sat in the darkest corner of my bedroom with my computer; It really has been gorgeous though. The weather has given me the opportunity to wear my vast maxi dress/skirt collection and of course take a few pictures of my new glasses, as promised

1. Makeshift glasses rack to show off the cases they came in.
2. 'Nancy' Glasses by London Retro, Glasses Direct
3. 'East' Glasses by Scout Eyewear, Glasses Direct
4. Maxi Dress, Next (picked up for £3 in a charity shop). Shoes, Tesco.

The minute they arrived I showed them to the only person who was home, my younger sister, who told me that they looked exactly the same as both of my old pairs. Even if they do, I am in love with both. After being a little bit scared of the idea of buying glasses online, I settled with Glasses Direct on the advice of my friend Alex who had previously bought glasses from the site - the BOGOF offer might have also swayed me a little (as well as the discount offer they had at the time). It's only been a week, but I'm pretty pleased with them; Glasses Direct kept me updated throughout the process and they arrived in one piece, so yeah, happy! It's a little odd having two pairs of glasses, it hasn't helped getting dressed in the morning at all, I really shouldn't be given a choice with these things. Deciding which pair best matches my outfit has added about 15 minutes to my morning ritual!



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