Saturday, May 4

Recently, I Have Mostly...

I've kept my head down a little on the social networking side of things, not for any particular reason other than I haven't had much to tell. I've been working on a couple of work related projects, so have been giving them all my focus. As a result it's a bit of a subdued 'Recently' post, but still a few interesting tidbits, I hope!
  • I've had lots of lovely messages about my broken glasses post. It definitely made having to wear a battered pair of glasses a lot easier. I finally have a couple of lovely pairs, which I'll take pictures of very soon!
  • I'm tentatively trying to get back into some form of exercise. I'm not the type to enthuse about running or regular gym visits, nor do I exercise to lose weight. I do however love feeling healthy, energised and strong. If I had an exercise goal it would be closer to being able to pull a bus, not to achieve a thigh gap. 
  • My mood is currently being determined by whether there is a new episode of Nashville to watch. I am so addicted to this show; At first I thought it would be trashy TV, but it is so good! Lots of intrigue, drama, romance, big hair and country music. I also really love how female centred the show is. If you aren't watching it, you should be (if only so you can talk to me about it) - Thursdays, 10pm on More4.
  • I'm still getting my trashy TV fix from the newly launched TLC channel. I know people are really into Honey Boo Boo and Say Yes To The Dress (the latter of which got me through a terrible cold), but I am addicted to Breaking Amish. It may be because we don't have them here, but I'm obsessed with the Amish, it's kind of funny how quickly they start drinking/swearing/pole dancing the minute they leave their community.
  • I went fabric shopping with my mum and got a bit excited buying jersey to make lots of basic jersey dresses for this warm weather. I'm a big fan of Cotton & Curls' tutorials and the maxi dresses/skirts are high on my to-do list.
  • New favourite Tumblr, to end all new favourite Tumblrs - Betty Draper Looking Pissed (as seen in the top image). Similarly, how are we finding the new series of Mad Men? I'm loving Trudy Campbell at the moment. Hating Harry Crane and how much he's making Pete Campbell look halfway decent. Also if you aren't aware of Tom & Lorenzo's Mad Style recaps, I implore you to go read them!
  • I'm definitely due a bigger Reading Challenge post, I'm currently on my sixth book of the challenge. I just really wanted to announce, yes announce, that after many years of not reading and expecting to hate The Great Gatsby, I absolutely adored it (made even more lovely by imagining Leo Dicaprio as Gatsby). I am so ready for the film, and more importantly the ballet on the May 18th, with Terri-Jane!

  • The last time I was in Sheffield my mum and I paid a visit to Seven Hills Bakery and the bread was so good that we went back about 30 minutes later. It's on Sharrowvale Road, so if you are nearby (or on the adjacent Ecclesall Road) definitely drop by. I lived on a road just off Sharrowvale in my second year of uni, so am incredibly bitter about all the amazing shops that have opened along Sharrowvale since I left!
  • Finally, a bit of housekeeping. As most people know Google Reader/Friend Connect is on the outs and Hello Cotton is no more; I have also deleted my Facebook account (blog and personal). I won't tell you where you should be following me, because that's up to you, but you can follow me on Bloglovin' if that's what you use; I quite like Feedly's interface, so have been using that quite a lot. If you don't mind regular bouts of nonsense amidst your blog updates you can follow me on Twitter; For carefully curated  interesting things follow me on Pinterest  and for the internet equivalent of blurting out whatever is on my mind, you can follow me on Tumblr

Hope you have a great first weekend of May, and Happy first May Bank Holiday fellow UK people!

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