Wednesday, July 17

Boats and Birds

If you be my boat, I'll be your sea / A depth of pure blue, just to probe curiosity.
Ebbing and flowing, and pushed by a breeze / I live to make you free.

I've had, what can only be described as, a 'time' over the past couple of weeks. It really has been a time filled with ups, downs and squiggly lines. However, despite the bumps I have been trying to stop and appreciate the gorgeous summer that we've been having by going out for walks and reading outside. 

My mum and I even managed a brief trip to the sea (Frinton on Sea in Essex) whilst doing furniture deliveries; despite the trip being bookended by downs, being from the Midlands, it is always nice to see the sea, if not simply to check that it's still there! 

I'm volunteering with Surface Gallery at the moment, where we've just sorted the shortlist for an upcoming photography exhibition. One of the artists submitted some pieces, and included a blurb which summed up exactly how I feel - sometimes art doesn't have to have a deeper meaning, sometimes it can simply be something nice to look at, which you can lose yourself in for a while. Granted my photos aren't quite as pretty or artistic as his, but I'm sure you understand what I'm trying to say, sometimes it's nice to forget the ups, downs and squiggly lines and lose yourself in a patch of blue (skies, sea or otherwise)

I'm off to Tramlines Festival in Sheffield on Friday evening (until Sunday). I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get to see Lianne La Havas and hopefully I'll be able to take a few photos too (of something slightly more interesting than the sea and sky, I promise)! 

The post title and lyrics are from a Gregory & The Hawk song of the same name - 'Boats and Birds' - there is a pretty unofficial video here.


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