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Collections: DVD's


I am a collector of things. 

I am of the belief that if you see something useful, or pretty, or interesting, you should buy it, because at some point you will need it, or want or wish you bought it. This is a belief that I've held for a very long time. I have been a collector of things since childhood, as a result I am also an organiser of things. It's not just happenstance that I ended up working in Events/Arts Management. One of my favourite lessons during my post-grad, was when we were introduced to Museum Collections Management software, because it meant I could organise my stuff more.

They say that everyone has an obsession, at least one. Me, I have several; I like things in multiples, not one or two, I like things in odd numbers - a central point, and equal amounts on either side (My name is Safiya. I am a Libra. I like balance). Of course, the most notorious of my obsessions is probably the amount of time I spend obsessing over my DVD's.

First, and most obviously, they have to be in alphabetical order. This is common sense, any other way is just insane; I have a friend who orders his by genre, which destroys me every time I see them, but at least there is some sort of structure there. People who don't order their DVD's are the worst. Then once, they are in alphabetical order, they have to be in chronological order (for example - Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises). And obviously, TV box sets are stored separately.

Totalling around the 300 mark (not including box sets), my DVD collection is probably the largest collection of things, other than clothes, that I own. Some might think of it as just a collection of films, but it's actually incredibly personal; they've travelled with me to university and back and they've been replaced when lent out or worn out. So, I really want to share a couple of the stories behind my favourites, not necessarily my favourite films, but the ones that have meaning.

The Favourite: True Romance
I first watched True Romance on my friends battered, old VHS. She shoved it in my hand at the beginning of double GCSE History and told me that I had to watch it. Since that day it has been my favourite film. I watch it at least once every couple of months. I love it so much that this is actually my second copy, I lent my first to a friend and ended up buying another copy because I couldn't live without it.

The one that wore out: Stealing Beauty
The first of my collection to wear out and be replaced; This is for whenever I'm feeling a bit glum, particularly during winter, this film makes me think of the sunshine, and warmth, and summer clothes. Plus, it has a gorgeously chilled out soundtrack.

The one I watched four times in one day: Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
I tend to watch certain things to help me concentrate whilst writing essays, during my GCSEs this was the film. One day I put it on, and just let it repeat until I went to sleep.

The 3am, can't sleep one: Reality Bites
This is the film I put in when I can't sleep late at night, or wake up far too early. A film I've watched a million times, can watch in a sleepy haze and still be completely in love with it. 

The one I know all the words to: Empire Records
Empire Records is definitely another one of my favourite films; If I ever tell you that I want to work in a record shop, this is why. Very 90's (in clothes and music), brilliant soundtrack, character driven and extremely quotable.

See also: Clueless; Ten Things I Hate About You

The one that requires all my attention: House of Flying Daggers
There are some films that you have to watch, like, properly watch; Lights off, no distractions, watch. It's not always films with subtitles, sometimes it'll be a visually stunning film and sometimes it's a detail orientated action type film. I think House of Flying Daggers is all three of those things. It's such a beautiful film, I think you could probably watch it without sound (or subtitles) and still be able to follow it.

See also: Lust, Caution; Amelie

The one that I use as background noise: The Rescuers
Like I said above, I watch certain films to help me focus when writing essays It sounds odd to a lot of people, but I can't wok in libraries or with music playing; I have to sit on my own in my bed, with a film in the DVD player. What better film to watch than a Disney film - The Rescuers is my favourite - that doesn't require any attention or thinking, and that I've watched a million times.

See also: 101 Dalmatians; The Little Mermaid; Almost any Disney film.

 The obligatory 'chick flick' film: One Fine Day
I hate to be the stereotypical girl, but sometimes I need to sit down with a bag of Malteasers, and sometimes a box of tissues and watch a rom-com or supposedly 'girly' film. I love One Fine Day, because it's super 90's - lots of minimalism, beige and vintage Clooney and Pfeiffer.

See also: Sliding Doors; First Wives Club

The favourite boxset: Teachers
I love when my favourite shows get cancelled, because it means I can finally buy the box set. I love a box set, I love being able to watch an entire show without adverts in a day (or with Teachers, a week). You can't tell from the picture, but the Teachers box is completely supported by sellotape, it was my first ever box set and it has been watched the most.

See also: Spaced

What do you collect?

Do you have memories attached to certain films, or a film that you watch at certain times?


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  1. I live empire records too, oh to live in 1996 and work in. Record store



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