Wednesday, August 21

Feast: Barburrito

I like food, food is good. I think we can all agree on that.

I was contacted by one of the lovely people at Barburrito recently inviting me to drop in and try a burrito at their newly opened restaurant in Nottingham, serving' 'food inspired by Mexican Street Food'.

I have had three burritos in the past few months, the first was at El Panzon in Brixton Market, which was really good (good food, lovely staff and they gave us free drinks while we waited); The second was from Street Food Chef in Sheffield, which wasn't that great (a bit bland, not enough heat and slightly unenthusiastic staff); The third and most recent was at Barburrito in Nottingham.

Barburrito started it's journey in 2005 at Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester, Morgan and Paul set on a Mission to create the worlds ULTIMATE burrito...since 2005 they have set up a few more stores but the mission is not complete.

Serving freshly prepared simple, honest and delicious food inspired by the street stalls of Mexico.

I'm always a little wary with chain restaurants who claim authenticity, but I was pleasantly surprised by Barburrito. The serving style is a bit like Subway, where you make your own food, by choosing your own fillings (the staff are super friendly and helpful with advice and explanations too) and they aren't stingy with the fillings either - I had flash fried veg, with lots of mushrooms, cheese, salsa and guacamole. I didn't take any photos of my burrito, because it's not exactly the prettiest of foods and I'm not blessed with the skills of a food blogger, so you'll have to take my word that it tasted really good.

The Nottingham restaurant only opened in June of this year, so it's all new and shiny, but if you can't get to this one, Barburrito also have restaurants in Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Paddington Station - and I would definitely recommend a visit, I'm going back for my lunch on Saturday.

(A peek at some of the things I've made recently)


1. Wholemeal Bread, using Paul Hollywood's How to Bake
2. Lemon Curd, using John Whaite Bakes
3. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, using an adapted recipe I found online; 

I was sent free Barburrito vouchers for the purpose of reviewing, but as always, all opinions are completely my own. I don't think anyone else would want them!


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