Thursday, August 1

Recently, I Have Mostly...

  • I went to Tramlines! I'm not sure if that warrants an exclamation point, but it's there now. I had a really great time. It was really nice to spend time with friends who I haven't seen in a long time (because I am a modern day hermit, whose entire life is played out on social media). I'll be honest and admit that I forgot to take pictures of anything music related - I took quite a few of a church - but I'm chalking that up to the fact that I was enjoying myself too much (I also drank a considerable amount of fruit flavoured beer, that might have contributed).
  • Lianne La Havas warrants her own bullet point. Shocking confession: I'm not a huge fan of live music. I spent a lot of time at festivals and concerts growing up (my dad is a musician) and I've heard a lot of bad music, and equally terrible musicians. Lianne La Havas, however is rather brilliant live. Gorgeous voice, gorgeous music.
Lianne La Havas // Tramlines Festival 2013 Acoustic Session

  • Whilst I'm on music, I have been re-listening to Ghosts by Siobhan Donaghy (ex-Sugababe, current MKS member). If you haven't heard this album you really need to. Vastly underrated/underheard, Ghosts is a stunning album, far and away from what you'd expect a Sugababe to put out. Haunting, breezy, mature and laid-back - I really love this album.
Regular Television Update
  • Orange is the New Black. Oh my goodness, are you watching/have you watched this show yet? This is another thing I completely owe to Tumblr. I'll admit, I was a little wary, at first glance it didn't seem like much. Netflix weren't really selling it in the same way they did with Arrested Development and House of Cards, which they really need to address because this show is brilliant - you will not regret watching it! Plus, bonus, the cast is predominantly female (you could count the men in this show on your hands) and incredibly diverse. It's set in a women's jail, but is funny, but it doesn't sugar coat anything, but it's incredibly bitter sweet. I could probably gush a lot more, but you should probably just watch it. Every single episode. On Netflix. Now.
  • I restrained from talking about Mad Men this series. I tried really hard not to bore everyone on Twitter, but I really need to say a few things about this series, so if you haven't watched it this may be spoilery. Firstly, no Peggy Olson, no. You need to find a female friend (who isn't Joan) to inform you of our stupidity during the whole Ted business. Next time if you want to know what to do, talk to your cat, or listen to the stuff I'm shouting at the TV. That being said, Peggy Olson in a pantsuit, drapering. Yes. 
(more nonsense after the jump)
  • Not Peggy related Mad Men stuff: Kiernan Shipka just gets better with every series; I'm on team if-there-has-to-be-a-spy-please-let-it-be-Meredith; I'm over Don Draper and his everlasting mid-life crisis; If one of the characters joins a Manson type cult it's surely going to be Ginsberg; Stan Rizzo, got hot?; I love Bob Benson and Joan being BFF's; I hate that they made Pete Campbell likeable, when stood next to Harry Crane.
  • I snapped my name necklace (as seen here), again. I think this is the third time, the other times I stuck it back together with glue, but 'm kind of over that now. So, if anyone can recommend somewhere where I can get a new one, metal might be nice for a change, I'd would really appreciate it!
  • Reading wise, I took a bit of a break from Revolutionary Road to read The Affair by Gill Paul, which I won through Goodreads First Reads. I'll write about it once I read a few more books, but if you are desperate to know what I thought you can check on goodreads. I'm back on Reolutionary Road now, and I am loving it. I think most people are slightly weirded out by how hilarious I'm finding it, simply because all the characters seem to hate everything, but I'm finding a morbid sense of hilarity in their depression.
I could go on about nothing in particular, but I should probably stop whilst you aren't completely bored (I hope). So, I'll leave it at that.

What have you been up to recently?

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