Thursday, August 8

Stuff #2

Can I please start this post off with a bit of a moan? 

What is happening with clothes these days? I don't care how hot the weather gets sometimes I need sleeves and a hemline that goes past my mid-thigh. Yesterday I went shopping for nothing in particular (as you can probably tell from what I bought) and ended up wandering through a couple of clothing stores; I can categorically say that I hate everything. I don't want a crop-top, I don't want a pair of 'zany' leggings, I don't want an exposed zip and I don't want a sleeveless short-skirted shirtdress. I genuinely walked into Topshop and walked back out again, because I couldn't cope. Is this just me or is anyone else feeling a bit disappointed?

Anyway, back to the post. I did actually manage to buy some stuff without complaining.


Books have got to be the only thing that I buy on a regular basis that I love shopping for (other than food). I used the Waterstones Reserve and Collect feature at about 1am on Tuesday and my books were ready to collect by 10am at my local Waterstones. I'm sorry if nobody finds that as exciting as I do, but I thought it was brilliant.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling - Waterstones
I don't like Ricky Gervais and I don't really like the UK version of The Office. I told someone that on a date once and I genuinely believe that was why we didn't go on another one. I did however quite like the US version, with my favourite character being Kelly Kapoor (played by Mindy), Mindy Kaling also wrote some of my favourite Office episodes I love Mindy because she seems a lot like Kelly (if not slightly less exaggerated), she unapologetically loves rom-coms, pop music and reality TV, I can respect that. As you might be able to see from the photo, I've started reading this already, and it's very funny.

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen - Oxfam
I like Jane Austen books, but I don't love them (and I dislike Emma with a passion). I feel like her's are the only books that you can watch the film of first and still want to read the book. As far as Sense and Sensibility goes, I love the film - the combination of Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet is a dream. This book is mostly for my sister, who is a huge fan of Manga and anime, but who I have also somehow turned into a big Austen fan. 

Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer - Waterstones
I don't think I've ever mentioned that I'm a vegetarian. I don't talk about it a lot, mainly because I don't think what I eat is of much interest to anyone other than me. As a family we were brought up vegetarian - my mum has never cooked meat for us. Growing up in a Jamaican family (with a Nigerian stepfather who was a chef), I have eaten meat (I have also been told that something wasn't meat, when it quite clearly was). I've eaten lots of different types of meat and I came to the conclusion that it all tastes like the flesh of a dead animal, and I didn't like it. Now that's not me trying out shock tactics to change your opinion of eating meat, it's just why I chose at seven years old to never eat meat again. Jonathan Safran Foer wrote an article for the Guardian as a precursor to this book and it was brilliant (you'll have to take my word on it as the Guardian's copyright on the article has expired). I have heard nothing but good things about this, from meat eaters and vegetarians and I am so excited to read it.

Everything Else

Incense - Ice Nine; Evolution
I mean, I'm not one-hundred percent sure that incense doesn't all just smell exactly the same, but I like the idea of it and I like that it makes my room smell a bit musky. I got gardenia, because gardenias remind me of summer, and they are gorgeous flowers. I also got cinnamon, because cinnamon is my favourite smell.

Jasmine Fragrance Oil - Evolution
I recently discovered that I have very expensive taste in perfume - I don't like eau de toilette and I like the big bottles, so because I can't really afford proper perfume I started buying perfume oil. I'll probably get round to mixing my own perfumes eventually, but at the moment I am enjoying single fragrances. I normally go for sweeter scents, like frangipani or cherry, but I thought I'd try something a little more grown up this time and jasmine is such a gorgeous scent.

Away We Go
The idea of trying to find a sense of belonging and create the comfort of a home before starting a family is an interesting one. I think we all imagine living somewhere we have an idealised view of, even if we've never been there - I always think San Francisco would be nice (but I hate the idea of having children who use 'American English') and of course, Paris. We know that it will probably never work out quite well, but it's a nice thought. I love this film, because it's basically finding out that you don't just magically feel a sense of belonging anywhere you please. Also, it has Maya Rudolph and Alison Janney in it. I love Maya Rudolph and Alison Janney.

Kung-Fu Shoes - Ice Nine
If you grew up in Nottingham you have probably been to Ice Nine, it has been in Hockley since 1979. When I was little my aunt would take me there when we went shopping so I could get a bracelet or mood ring as a treat and as a teenager when I went shopping with my friends we'd go in and spend ages looking at jewellery, and incense and all the other amazing things. Now, I still go in every now and again - they have some gorgeous jewellery and this time I discovered these shoes. They are called Kung-Fu shoes, which makes it seem that I am going to do something a lot more interesting with them. They're velvety and they are red and they are amazingly comfortable!


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  1. Oh, Eating Animals is a GREAT book. I mean, preaching to the choir if you're already a vegetarian but very well written. I think it is actually my favourite thing by JSF. And S&S is amazing, it goes without saying, although I love Emma too so different strokes...


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