Thursday, September 26

The Details of the Past Few Weeks Are a Bit Wooly

That, even if I do say so myself, is an excellent joke; If you aren't laughing you should be.

I've mentioned my love of wool and it's fluffy warmth quite a lot; I adore wool, but can't do a thing with it (aside from rolling it around on the floor with the cat). I've 'learnt' to knit several times, each time with varying degrees of success and interest - I'd like to think I have at least a couple of virtues, but patience is definitely not one of them; I want to be a fast and furious knitter, like all the Grandmothers in cartoons, immediately. Unfortunately it hasn't quite turned out that way, well, until I discovered crochet. 

I've always thought that crochet was a million times more difficult than knitting - to me at least, knitting looks like a load of lines, whereas crochet gives the appearance of a load of intricately woven squiggly lines; I was quite surprised when I got the hang of it in a fortnight!

I was taught by the absolutely lovely artist Sophie Mutch, who has the patience of a saint. Sophie's work is currently on display in the EM13 exhibition at Surface Gallery in Nottingham (where I volunteer); her work explores femininity through the use of found objects and textiles. In connection with Sophie's work, Holly James (Surface's Marketing Co-ordinator and owner of Feral Sphere) and I, have learnt how to crochet in order to do a bit of yarn bombing in the gallery.

Of course, now I'm addicted. Having finished the Surface blanket, I have now started to make my own; Partly because I'm a bit scared that if I stop I won't start again, partly because I love the fact that I have something practical to do whilst I watch trashy TV and partly because I've amassed a large amount of wool.

There are a lot of Youtube videos that teach you how to make granny squares, so if you decide to learn just do a quick search to find the one most suited to you. I used this one for support, when I was on my own, Sophie also recommended Meet Me At Mikes.; but the biggest thing I've noticed is that it's mostly about what you feel comfortable doing/using, the minute I relaxed into it and stopped worrying whether it looked like it was supposed to look, I felt a lot more comfortable (and they actually started looking like squares).


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