Wednesday, October 2

Recently, I Have Mostly...

  • I went to the Amy Winehouse Exhibition at The Jewish Museum. It was definitely worth the visit and of course I cried a bit; All the pieces were put together and narrated by her older brother, which gave it a very personal feel. It was a perfect fit for it to be in The Jewish Museum, because Amy's family and culture were such a huge part of her life, it felt like you had been warmly invited into her family home.
  • My maternal grandmother's family were of Jewish descent, but it was never something I really knew about until after she died (when I was 17), and it's something that I've always been intrigued by. So, I took some time to have a look around the other exhibits. It's definitely something that I would want to research a little more in the future.
  • I started watching the L-Word a couple of months ago, at the moment I'm three seasons in, but I think I may have to stop. It started out really good, then very quickly spiralled into cheesy nonsense, dream sequences and the worst theme tune ever made.
  • Much to my sister-in-law's delight, I have started watching Homeland, and yes, I love it. Homeland is one of those shows that people can't believe that you've never watched (The Wire, Sopranos, Lost, Mad Men, etc...); Normally I tend not to give in to people who say I must watch a show, but after (another) long train journey I gave in and watched the pilot, and it's unsurprisingly good.
  • I am so excited for Masters of Sex, which starts on Channel 4 on Tuesday. I'm not even really sure why, other than that the trailer looks super good, and it has Lizzy Caplan in it. I just hope it lives up to my expectations!

Masters of Sex Official Trailer (NSFW)

(More after the cut)

I've never really 'got' the draw of Podcasts, it's just radio isn't it, but on the internet? I'm still not really sure if that isn't true, but it turns out I do quite like them.
  • Bonnie & Maude: I only recently discovered Bonnie & Maude, but they are fantastic! Bonnie & Maude is a film podcast hosted by Eleanor Kagan and Kseniya Yarosh, where they review and discuss films from a female perspective. They tend to discuss predominantly 'female films', for example the very first one that I listened to (during a very long train journey) was one on Nora Ephron films, and a little about the romantic comedy genre. Although, obviously, all women don't have the same experiences or thoughts, it is nice to hear about films from a female perspective, based on typically female experiences. It may sound cheesy, but Bonnie & Maude is a really easy listen, because it's like sitting down with two friends to discuss a film you just saw at the cinema - it makes me want to revisit my old favourites and discover new ones.
  • BBFC: Yes, that is a podcast by the British Board of Film Classification. It's actually really interesting to learn how and why films are classified the way they are. Each podcast has a theme, for example sexual violence or the reclassification of films. I feel like we don't really know much about the BBFC, or at least they rate their films with very little controversy (in comparison to their American equivalent), but it is surprisingly interesting to discover why a favourite a film receives its age rating.
  • And for people who, like me, are a bit into the arts the Arts Council, Tate and V&A also do podcasts.
Other Bits and Pieces

  • I made a trip to &OtherStories, and finally got a chance to admire their cosmetics line in person. This was of course a terrible idea, because now I know what everything smells and/or looks like, I want it all!
  • One more thing, I bought a couple of bags from the COW sale (two bags for £10) and the minute I put them in my bedroom, the above happened.

I'm pretty sure that isn't everything, but it's been a while and I can't remember much (hence the photos).


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