Friday, November 8

John Lewis Secret Santa Challenge

Where were you the moment it became winter this year? 

Typically that's an unusual question, partly because it's not officially winter just yet and partly because seasons don't change overnight; and yet Sunday morning at 6.30am I was waiting at the bus stop (on my way to catch a very early coach to London) and my first thought was "I should have worn a hat", which was closely followed by "When did it become winter? It wasn't winter yesterday". That was the moment for me, that was when it became winter in 2013. 

Since then I've spotted all manner of wintery things - rosy cheeks, frosty windows, spicy scents and yes, the emergence of Christmastime. It's only the first Friday of November and Halloween was less than a week ago, but already I've noticed the change of opening hours in shopping centres, Christmas cards in shops and that one neighbour that is always so eager to dangle a Father Christmas from their gutters. Alongside these wintery goings on, I received an email asking if I would like to take part in John Lewis' Blogger Secret Santa Challenge, and because I'm already feeling a little bit festive, I told them I'd love to!

With that little announcement, I suppose I should confess that I have never taken part in a Secret Santa before, which these days is pretty much unheard of; I do however, consider myself to be an expert giver of gifts (and cards), so I'm incredibly excited to get gift hunting once I'm assigned the blogger I'll be giving my gift too! But if you have any Secret Santa tips to offer me, I'd love to hear them

You can find John Lewis' Christmas Store here, where you can also explore their 2013 Seasonal Themes: Vintage Market, Woodland Wonder, Forest Festival, Rural Life and Odyssey.


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