Monday, December 2

John Lewis Secret Santa: My Gift

Recently, I've been comparing Secret Santa to blind dates, whoever you get set-up with will tell you a lot more about what your friends think of you, than anything else. It's the same with a secret santa gift, the giver is pretty much telling the receiver that that is how they see you, encapsulated in a box.

I'll admit, I'm not the easiest person to buy gifts for. It's not that I'm fussy, it's just that my taste is a little 'flighty', I hate surprises and I'm not vey good at hiding my disappointment. This is why I normally get money for Christmas, and birthdays, and Easter (If all else fails, don't buy me clothes). So, I knew that the person who was assigned me for the John Lewis Secret Santa was in for a challenge! With all that combined, I was a little anxious when I got the email to say my gift was on its way. Arguably the best part of receiving gifts is the anticipation - shaking the box and having a squeeze trying to guess what is hidden inside, which is why I waited a couple of hours before even opening my parcel to see what strange, squidgy thing was hidden inside.

And what did I find inside the parcel, well it was this...

... Somerset by Alice Temperley digital feather print scarf.

If I'm honest, my initial thoughts were quite mixed - part 'ooh, this feels nice', part 'oh no, it's got orange in it' and part 'wait, what is it'. Once it was unfurled, and I'd finished stroking it, I realised it was a scarf and I had a think. This is where the blind date reveal metaphor comes in; It's not something I'd buy for myself - I like functional fashion and silk scarves don't serve much of a purpose - but I can definitely imagine someone else buying it for me and thinking I'd love it - I like (most of) the colours and I'm not one to shy away from a bold print. I think I'm mostly hoping it'll grow on me in the future.

Hopefully, I'm not spoiling anything in saying that I was assigned the ladies from It's Just Nice. The gift I chose for them was the Hotel Chocolat Chocolate and Prosecco Hamper, this seemed like the perfect gift for all three of them to share and enjoy together.

Hopefully I'll get to find out who chose my gift for me, so I can send them a more personal thank you, but I really want to thank John Lewis for inviting me to take part in their Secret Santa Challenge - it has been great fun discovering new bloggers!


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