Tuesday, February 4

I Like Your Style: Natasha Khan (Bat for Lashes)


Ok so full disclosure, I have a style crush on Natasha Khan, but first and foremost I have an all-out crush on Natasha Khan. She's gorgeous and gorgeously talented and she just so happens to dress incredibly well.

She definitely has two sides to her style personality - 'stage' and 'everything else'; 'Bat for Lashes' and 'Natasha'. Although I find her stage wear interesting, it's what she wears for public appearances that I love.

I think sometimes wearing vintage (or wearing vintage inspired clothing) can be a little bit tentative, especially when it's an entire outfit: There are times it can look a little costumey, but  when done right it can look amazing and I think Natasha Khan executes it perfectly. Plus, I get serious hair envy every time I see her 'silent film star-esque' bob.

(all images via Pinterest)


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