Thursday, May 29

I Want To See This Film: This Is Where I Leave You

I don't think I've been this excited about a film for a while, the last one was probably The Way, Way Back, and just like that film this has a pretty awesome cast , but I'm mostly excited because I adored the book.

I love the dynamic of a family being forced to spend time together whilst sitting shiva. Being the second of four children, I love watching other families interact and react to each other. The trailer feels a little more comedic than the book, which I'm still trying to decide whether or not is a good thing - for me the best thing about the book was that it was both sad and funny. The tone feels a little off at the moment, but I'm hoping it's just that the trailer has been edited to appeal to people who haven't read the book - hopefully the fact that Jonathan Tropper wrote the screenplay will help.

This Is Where I Leave You doesn't have a UK release date yet. Booo!


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  1. I read this book at the start of the year, and I loved it too! The cast is brilliant, and while you're right that the tone feels a little different to the book, I think it still looks great, and I can't wait to see it :)



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