Monday, May 5

Look, I Bought Books!

That was supposed to didn't quite work.

The towering pile of books above are the ones I've bought most recently.

Doing a reading challenge, that isn't actually a reading challenge is doing wonders for my reading habits. The minute I finish a book I'm ready to read another, which has been equally advantageous for the charity shops in my area, as well as my Waterstone's points balance. I've also got multiple book samples in iBooks which are to be read and decided upon, so far the decision to buy is based on the length of time I spend trying to turn the page when I get to the end of an extract - I've not quite got the hang of using a tablet for reading books.

Of the books above, I've already read The Tao of Pooh, Petite Mort, Nocturnes, Bonjour Tristesse (and a Certain Smile) and Seven Days in the Art World and I have to say so far, there hasn't been a bad one in the bunch - all quite different, but all very good. I should add that I also read a JB Priestly play somewhere in between these and am currently reading a Tom Stoppard, I'm not really a reader of plays - I don't see the point, if a play was meant to be read it would be a regular book, not a play - nevertheless, I have to read them for work, I've not enjoyed either, so it's highly unlikely that I'll be reviewing them.

At the moment I'm reading Heartburn by Nora Ephron, I'm only a few pages in but I already adore it. I'm not really familiar with Ephron's writing, if I'm completely honest I was a little late to the Ephron film party too; When I first watched When Harry Met Sally I didn't really 'get' it and I only watched Sleepless in Seattle for the first time this summer. The thing that truly sold me on Ephron was You've Got Mail - since then, and unfortunately since her death in 2012, I've read a lot about her and felt quite silly for not discovering/enjoying her work sooner. I thought Heartburn, which is based on certain aspects of her second marriage, was a rather good place to start.

Oh, I should also add that Bonnie and Maude did a rather brilliant Nora Ephron episode, which you should probably listen to.

As an added bonus, new cookery books!

Shout-out to Waterstone's Click-and-Collect. So quick and simple, I think it may be run by witchcraft.


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