Monday, June 16

I Want to See This Film: Obvious Child

I feel like we should have reached a point in society where a film like this shouldn't be shocking, controversial or whatever - and yet a quick scroll through the Youtube comments (yeah, I know) suggest otherwise. 

An unwanted pregnancy is not an ideal situation to be in, but there are multiple options available to women and it would be great (in this day and age) if all of those options could be portrayed in the media, without judgement, in an unbiased way.

Also, I can definitely get behind all these 'off-beat', woman-led rom-coms. I'm hoping this is becoming a thing, because I fully embrace the 'rom-com' (within reason), but a little realism is always nice.

Also, also, I knew that Jenny Slate and Gabby Hoffman weren't the same person, but still if you squint, they are the same person really aren't they?

Obvious Child is due for UK release on Friday 29th August.


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