Thursday, June 12

Recently, I Have Mostly...

  • I've been buying so many jersey basic clothing that it's almost definitely becoming an issue, mostly because of how cheap jersey fabric is and how easy it is to make a tube skirt/t-shirt dress/ maxi skirt. It's quite shameful, I swear at some point I will make something and stop wasting my money in H&M.
  • Weirdly (or not, I don't know) not setting a reading target has actually helped me read a lot more books this year; it's probably all in my head, but I'm actually taking time to try new books and enjoy what I'm reading.
  • What's a 'Recently' post without a little, or a lot, of Mad Men. Part one is over already and we have a year to wait until it's all over. I think this was the series that made me actually like Don Draper; there never really was anything redeemable to his personality, but watching him humbly return to the firm and rebuild his relationship with Sally and Peggy actually made me like him. That was probably helped by how awful Lou and Frank were. Other things: Peggy lost me somewhere around Valentine's Day, but won me back somewhere around Frank Sinatra. Ginsberg was a long time coming, but it wasn't any less sad. Betty Draper on a field trip, Betty Draper speaks Italian, Betty Draper is condescending to all women. Kiernan Shipka has the mini-Betty attitude down. I love that Margaret Sterling went all religious and hippy and still managed to be a massive brat. And finally... I think I felt a tiny twinge of sympathy for Harry Crane?
  • Hopes for season seven, part two: Ken and Peggy finally leave and set up their own agency (Stan can go to). No Megan. Don stops hallucinating dead people. Meredith is revealed as a Russian spy. That is it, that is everything.
  • Orange is the New Black is back, aaaaand I have finished it already. Loved this series, so much, more than the last and that is saying something because I loved series one. The series felt a lot more cohesive , and I loved the spread of character focus - all the people I wanted to know about got episodes; Poussey, Taystee, Morello and The Sister - possibly love Poussey a lot more than I did already, am also even more fascinated by Morello. I don't know what I want for next series; maybe Alex back, less Larry and Piper's friend (whose name I can't be bothered to learn or google), maybe a focus on more of the Latina inmates - I just don't want Jenji Kohan to lose sight, and veer into ridiculousness like she did with Weeds.
  • I'm sure we all know the drill when it comes to music - I tell you that I discovered a band and you politely pretend that you haven't known about them forever. With that in my mind, I just discovered HAIM, yeah even I rolled my eyes a little bit at that. I have no defence for not knowing about or loving them immediately, all I know is that I am now obsessed. 
  • See above point, replace 'HAIM' with 'Sam Smith', Stay With Me and Leave Your Lover, are perfection. Also, samesies, replace with 'Jessie Ware'.


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