Sunday, July 13


I'm not calling this a 'Recently...' post, because I already feel like a terrible blogger for doing a photo post, never mind doing the same post back to back. The above is pretty much everything from the past two months (that I remembered to take a photo of), which when laid out this way can either be seen as incredibly boring, or just the most relaxing, family/friend oriented couple of months I've had in a while - the magic of photography!
  • Newest cook books, and probably my new favourites. Persiana is amazing, amazing! The recipes are everything you expect from Middle Eastern food - hearty and aromatic, but surprisingly simple. Likewise, New York Cult Recipes is also amazing, again it's hearty, comforting food done in a really simple way. My younger brother has made excellent use of the peanut butter cup recipe, after only a few weeks he has adapted it to perfection - never buying them again!
  • My summery basket bags in all their glory. I love these, some are my mum's old ones and a couple are bargain buys from COW. Similar ones here, here, here, here...seriously, rifle through a vintage shop and you'll probably find one (and you really shouldn't be paying more than £25 for them).
  • My cat has been an indoor cat for all of the 3 years that we've had her, now at the grand old age of 4 years she has started going outside. Obviously when I say 'outside', I mean that she sits on the rocking chair in the back garden, whilst I sit next to her.
  • Everything else: I'm still working my way through The Sopranos, finding it rather easy to watch whilst crocheting a new blanket (I'm also loving the juxtaposition of the two things); Ducklings at work; the view from my brothers spare room in Sheffield, after a lovely weekend in Derbyshire for my old housemate's wedding; Neon purple Juju jellies; the exhibition catalogue from Something Abstract at Nottingham Contemporary.
I won't start making promises I can't keep, but I'm trying really hard to catch up on blogging, I want to so much, but the gaps between sleep and work feel like they are getting smaller. But I am determined to get back to doing something that I really love.


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