Sunday, July 20

What I've Watched

Blue is the Warmest Colour 
(La Vie D'Adele)

For the past week I've been swaying between loving and disliking this film, and because I'm not writing a full review for it, I won't dither around the reason why I disliked it - the now infamous, 10 minute sex scene. When first watching the film, it got to about three minutes into 'the sex scene' when I started questioning the necessity. I understand the attempt to normalise same-sex sex scenes,  as well as consensual, loving sex scenes (when so much of sex portrayed in cinema is violent, abusive or non-consensual), but I'm still not able to understand why it needed to be so long, or as graphic. I did wonder if it was filmed in exactly the same way but with a man and woman or two men, if it would be received in the same way? What I do love about this film are the actresses, particularly Adele Exarchopoulos, the range of emotions she shows are absolutely amazing.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson fans (and most non-fans) will know that Wes Anderson has a very distinct style - vintage whimsy (is what I have literally just decided to call it) - despite that link, all of the films each have their own colour palette and thematic tone which separates them from the others; on that basis I think Grand Budapest Hotel is my favourite of Wes Anderson's films. Plot-wise, I still adore the depth and variation of the characters in The Royal Tenenbaums, but the dark humour and tension in Grand Budapest Hotel was absolutely fantastic.

Not Another Happy Ending

I can't be the only person who falls victim to watching a terrible film simply because someone you like is in it - Karen Gillan and Freya Mavor (Skins, Cycle 3)? Oh, I'll watch that. I mean Not Another Happy Ending is not terrible, sort-of Ruby Sparks meets Stranger than Fiction, both of which I love, but this lacks depth and moves far too quick for you to really understand what's happening. It also goes for a lot of predictable romantic tropes - clumsy, quirky heroine with a pompous arse of a boyfriend, who is madly in love with someone who she thinks she hates until she realises they're just madly in love with them - sometimes predictability in rom-coms is nice in a familiar sort of way, sometimes they are tired in, well, a predictable kind of way. There is however an exceedingly pretty, French leading man, which is sometimes all that really matters in a romantic comedy.

I thought this would make a nice change to how I normally write about films, but as always to keep an eye on what I'm watching, you can follow me on Letterboxd.


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