Tuesday, October 14

Things #2: Summer Leftovers

 (These are not in chronological order, because sometimes even I like to mix things up a little)
1 - 4. Two weekends spent in London the first with my mum, younger brother and sister visiting a few exhibitions (Return of the Rudeboy at Somerset House and Jean Paul Gaultier at Barbican) and shopping for fabric. The second weekend with my friend Cindy, one day of which was spent shopping on Columbia Road shopping for plants (and spotting Russell Brand) in incredibly warm weather, the second was spent at Notting Hill Carnival in the pouring rain.
5. A couple of days sat in my brother's (astro-turfed) back garden, looking after my nephew and reading books.
6 and 7. Food! When I make smoothies I get to put whatever I want in, which means lots of ginger and spinach! Also, the first loaf of bread I've ever baked from scratch (in a meltingly hot kitchen), courtesy of a recipe from James Morton's Brilliant Bread.
9.  I met Caitlin Moran, it was incredibly exciting and she was lovely, which was even more wonderful - she is her Twitter personified. The benefits of working in a theatre include meeting someone you greatly respect, and forgetting to mention that to her as you walk her to stage door, whilst incessantly talking about your own life.
10. Double bubble, Chloë Sevigny, there is not enough of Chloë Sevigny interviews in UK fashion magazines. There is not a lot else to this picture other than the fact that I got bored whilst cleaning.
11. Finally, experimenting with VSCO cam at my local train station, which is lovely, quaint and supposedly haunted.

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