Thursday, October 30

What I've Watched #2 - The 'Bored in California' Edition

Palo Alto

I kind of liked this, I'm not entirely sure why, but like her aunt (Sofia), Gia Coppola perfectly captured a mood, not much happens, but you feel like you're watching something. Based on the book of the same name, by James Franco - which I have absolutely zero interest in reading, because I can only imagine how self-indulgent a book written by James Franco is - Palo Alto mainly follows two teenagers, April (Emma Roberts) and Teddy (Jack Kilmer) - and to a lesser extent, their friends Emily and Fred) - doing the usual California teenagery things that you see in films; driving around, smoking cigarettes and going to house parties, all of which is set to atmospheric music, but then it runs a little deeper it's about trying to find your way through adolescence, whilst feeling that you are being pulled in a million different directions. I am ridiculously excited about another Coppola making films.

Afternoon Delight

Let me get this out of the way, I LOVE KATHRYN HAHN; I love Kathryn Hahn in every terrible rom-com where she plays the goofy best friend, I loved Kathryn Hahn in Girls as Jessa's (sort-of) mentor, I loved (like, properly loved) Kathryn Hahn in Parks and Rec and I even sort-of loved her in Revoluntionary Road (if it's possible to enjoy anything in that film). This film however, meh.

It work's to an extent, but it falls so quickly into the predictable that I could never really love it. Kathryn Hahn plays a bored LA housewife, who in an attempt to inject excitement and meaning into her life decides to 'save' a stripper, played by Juno Temple, by hiring her as a nanny (and live-in bff). It then starts to slip into a morality tale of not being able to save someone else if you, yourself need saving and then swerves into rom-com territory; but before that it was not too terrible - I think we all fall into the habit of trying to 'save' people, whose lives we believe to be less than perfect, without looking at our own lives or even considering if they want to be 'saved'. But let me make it very clear, Kathryn Hahn deserves better.


Because sometimes you're bored and you watch absolutely anything on Netflix, but I was pleasantly surprised. Another film that captures a 'mood' really well, whilst also portraying a charming friendship between a seemingly grouchy elderly lady (Besedka Johnson) and a Paris Hilton/LILO-esque amateur 'model' (Dree Hemingway). Although at times a little sentimental, it's incredibly subtle in its approach - with not a lot of back story or character development (you don't discover the main character's job until half way through) - you are left to fill in the pieces about the main characters. Normally this would really annoy me, but it never really felt crucial to the plot.

Other things that I have watched that don't fit under the title:

Obvious Child: I can not truly express how much I truly loved this; A perfect Sunday afternoon spent in the cinema on my own. 

Scatter my Ashes at Bergdorfs: I enjoy a fashion documentary regardless of quality, maybe you have to have been to Bergdorf Goodman (or be American) to truly understand the obsession, because I didn't really 'get it'.

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