Saturday, January 17

Film Inspiration: Almost Famous

Title: Almost Famous
Released: 2000
Director: Cameron Crowe
Starring: Kate Hudson, Patrick Fugit, Billy Crudup and Frances McDormand

"Almost Famous is an autobiographical inspired film about a 15-year-old who is hired by Rolling Stone magazine to follow and interview a rock band during their tour. A film about growing up, first love, disappointment, and the life of a rock star."

Whenever I watch a film that I think would fit as a 'film inspiration' post, I add them to a little hand-drawn calendar for when I I think the film would feel most appropriate - it's covered in sentences like 'hot, balmy weather' and 'wait for the leaves to appear'. For Almost Famous, the sentence states ' post whenever, I love this film', like I'm somehow going to forget how much I adore it.

Almost Famous is so much about atmosphere for me, I get so engrossed in the mood - the haze, the music, the clothes - you can almost smell the patchouli. I think most people have their vintage decade, and the 70's is mine; I love the deep rich colours, patterns and fabrics of the clothes (burgundy, mustard, paisley, florals, corduroy, suede...) And the music, putting together a soundtrack is one of the things that Cameron Crowe does best, obviously with the film being about music, there are so many iconic music moments in this film, becoming an air stewardessTiny Dancer on the tour bus and Penny Lane dancing to Cat Stevens.

And of course I adore Penny Lane, a wreck of contradictions - confident and wise/vulnerable and naive, and yet somehow her and the other 'Band Aids', make being a groupie seem cool, almost.

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"What do you love about music?"
"To begin with, everything."

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  1. I also absolutely love this movie, makes me cry everytime which makes me love it even more


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