Thursday, January 8

I'd Rather Not Discuss The Weather (or Yey, 2015)

...But I'm not enjoying the metaphorical rollercoaster that is the weather right now: Am I hot, am I cold? How many coats do I need to wear? Yesterday I was in my garden barefoot, this morning I could see my breath when I woke up. I know it's January, and it's mostly supposed to be freezing, but I'm confused.

Oh, also, Happy 2015! New Year, woop, woop!

As always I'm excited for the new year - granted not that many people wake up on January 1st expecting a terrible year - 2014 was a good year, but I think 2015 will probably be better. Of course, as I'm sure we all do, I have a million and one plans, hopes and expectations for the coming year; I'm not expecting each and every one to come to fruition, but hopefully at least a couple will happen - fingers crossed!

Here's to a healthy, happy and various other words beginning with the letter 'h', 2015!



  1. I know what you mean, we had crisp sunshine earlier in the week not its storm weather! Happy new year chick


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