Wednesday, February 18

Lou Lou's Vintage Fair

Excuse me whilst I get a bit nostalgic, Lou Lou's was the first vintage fair I ever attended*. Back in 2008 when I was a studying in Sheffield (*that is vintage fairs as we know them now, as a child I was dragged to my fair share of antique showrooms/auction houses), as is completely normal with me I spent the first couple of months on my course being too anxious to make friends and I'd spend all my time wandering through Sheffield City Centre looking for exciting places to go. That is how I discovered Lou Lou's, amongst a pile of flyers, picked up at a Sheffield Vintage shop.

It's strange watching how Vintage Fairs have changed over the years - I've been to fairs where I've had entire stalls to myself, I've been to some where I could barely move for people, I've watched as my childhood became vintage and I think I've heard every 'vintage' performer in the local area. That being said I always go, not matter how busy/quiet or small/large, that's the best thing about vintage shopping, it's very unlikely that you'll see the same thing again.

The one thing starting to grate is the amount of 1950's vintage at these fairs, that's never really been my vintage era of choice so it gets a bit tiresome seeing so many rails of the same thing, that I'm not the slightest bit interested in buying. There's so much room for manoeuvre when it comes to vintage now, that going down that route seems a little lazy. As I pointed out to my auntie, the early 90's was about twenty years ago, technically that's vintage.
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I didn't buy a huge amount this time around, mostly because I'm trying to save money, but I did spot a few great things - 

1) the gold Kickers in the top photo. I have wanted a pair of Kicker boots in this style since I can remember, but my parents always insisted on a pair of Dr Marten's (not that I'm complaining, I love Dr Marten's).

2) an original Liberty dress, which I'm going to guess is 70's, from the looks of it. I took a lot of pictures of this, because it is just perfect. However, even if I could have afforded it, it was way too small, which is probably for the best.

3)  a red leather jacket that would have made Michael Jackson very proud. For those taking note, this is also perfect.

As well as buying a mustard shirt dress (which is lovely, but photographs terribly), I was given this scarf by the lovely lady from Velvet Vagabond and I am obsessed. It's like someone made a scarf out of autumn.

The next Lou Lou's Vintage Fair in Nottingham, will be taking on place at The Albert Hall, Saturday 2nd May. For more information on Lou Lou's, and to stay updated on future events, visit one of the following links:


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