Friday, February 6

Reading Challenge 2015: Reading Style

What is it about January that makes me flail with my reading challenges? 

One month into 2015 and I am absolutely nowhere in my reading challenge. Maybe I should stop calling them reading challenges, and just call it reading, not that I find it to be a challenge. Last month I flitted through and started several books since the last one I completely read (last November), most of which I've enjoyed, but as yet nothing has stuck. I'm wondering if I just have to own my reading style of starting several books at once, stopping mid-way and returning to them a few months later; that seems to be my pattern.

January has come and gone and I feel like I've barely read a thing; right now I am a third of the way through Crime and Punishment, a little bit into part two of Americanah, halfway through a book on Contemporary Art and (if we're going for full disclosure here) I just finished the 50 Shades trilogy*. Therein lies the problem, I want to read everything, now, all at once - I am a bookish Veruca Salt, if she managed to escape the bad acorn shoot.

I may be a little slow on the uptake here, if so forgive me, but the iBooks store allows you to download a sample of a book (normally a chapter or two) so you can get a feel for it. As helpful and brilliant as this is, it really is solidifying my reading style - I have started reading so many books!

(to illustrate my point  - my iBooks sample bookshelf)

Also, it's National Library day tomorrow! So go support your local library and read some free books! You can find out about local events on the National Library Day website or via your local council website.

*We can all agree these aren't real books, but of course I have to make my excuses, as everyone does. My sister read all three and did a critical analysis when it first came out, I didn't believe her when she told me how badly written it is, so thought I'd see for myself. Turns out it is, on top of a million other issues that I have with it, and it just gets worse as you carry on reading. I read all three, because once you start passing a car crash, you have to keep on driving. Plus, I hate to be that person criticising a book they've never read, I want to develop an informed argument as to why it's terrible. The criticism isn't anything more than you have already heard. It's unfair in its uninformed portrayal of BDSM as it relies on the 'abusive childhood' trope. It's also irresponsible in depicting a co-dependent, controlling and abusive relationship as somehow ideal, desirable or the height of romance. If all that doesn't put you off, EL James' writing style is appalling.


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