Monday, February 16

The Pointe Project

My love of ballet photography (that's a genre, right?) is still apparently alive and well. What began with The Ballerina Project has now become a full blown 'thing'. I went to ballet classes as a child (as so many little girls do), but after a class or two I found I liked the idea of ballet a lot more than actually doing it; apparently the point of ballet isn't just wearing cute shoes and foofy skirts, they also never took kindly to my freestyle dance moves. I do still love watching ballet, seeing the skill and poise of people who, unlike me, have a sense of balance.
I discovered The Pointe Project on a (extremely) rainy evening in Notting Hill, whilst on my way to a book reading. It was absolutely pouring, I was completely lost without an umbrella and a worryingly low phone battery, but as I stopped one last time under a nearby shop's awnings, to check Google Maps, I spotted Pete Bartlett's photography under the golden glow of the gallery down-lights.
The Pointe Project was conceived and shot by London-based photographer, Pete Bartlett.

The ballerinas are representative of the international nature of dance in London. They come from the US, Canada, Greece, Lebanon, Latvia, France, Belgium, Lithuania, Italy, Israel, Australia, Holland and the UK. They are working here for ballet companies such as the English National Ballet, Ballet Rambert and the European Ballet.

The first set of images were shot in and around Notting Hill over the Olympic summer of 2012. The project continued for a second year in 2013 and the locations widened to include East London and the Thames. Pete will continue the project in the Summer of 2014

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