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I have given up thinking that being cool is defined by knowing things about music or liking certain musicians - sometimes I sing-along to Taylor Swift songs and I can circle the entirety of a record shop without seeing a band that I recognise. I won't pretend to know of a band before everyone else, because honestly I don't care, I am happy to be introduced to new music by my 16 year old sister, I'd rather listen to an album whilst sat in my room than listen to it played live and my favourite musician hasn't released a studio album since her first in 1998.

Yuna is new to me, I don't if she's new to other people, but she is new to me - I find her quite exciting and her voice makes me smile.

"Broke Her"

I suppose I'm quite stuck in my musical ways, I like Yuna because she reminds of other music that I like - she definitely gives me Lianne La Havas vibes, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that; if you forced me to only listen to Yuna and Lianne La Havas for a month or two I'd be perfectly happy.

Aside from her self-titled album 'Yuna', released in 2012, not a lot of her music appears to be available to buy in the UK, but that is probably a good place to start, specifically the single "Lullabies" (as well as the rather excellent Adventure Club Remix).


 (a couple more videos after the cut)



"Live Your Life"

Yuna Links:

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  1. I love you a, i featured her about a year ago on my music post


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