Tuesday, March 24

Brimingham / Warpaint

I went to Birmingham on Friday, with my friend Cindy, to see Warpaint at The Institute. I wasn't really familiar with the band but was super excited when she invited me to go with her, so I spent a few weeks listening to as many songs as I could on Spotify. I know I always preface a visit to a gig with the fact that I don't really enjoy going to see live music, but Warpaint were actually really great live - there were songs that I didn't enjoy listening to on Spotify, that I actually loved seeing them perform. Their music is interesting - it gave me witchy-vibes, although less Stevie Nicks, more dark, haunting and sometimes eerie.

We also had a mini-wander through Birmingham, as I haven't had a proper visit for a couple of years (I was quite upset to see that Ben's Cookies had closed), and had a look around The Custard Factory (despite most of the shops being closed) and China Town, where I found a teeny-tiny Chinese Restaurant whilst waiting for my takeaway order.


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